Getting into Durham

January 31st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Detective Steve Kaplan leaves a message on my machine telling me I should go to a Duke basketball game while I’m here. STEVE. Tickets, if you can get them, which you can’t, go up to $2600!! But you can get tickets to the women’s basketball team and they are #1 in the nation, I’m told. I watched maybe five minutes of one of their games on TV and I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. The very next day I bought a ticket to a game.


The basketball fans are insane here, it’s true. First, they jump up and down the entire game making this weird noise. They stand on all the highway on and off ramps holding up signs for tickets. The students, even though their parents are paying God knows how much to house them here, live in tents by the stadium for months, and I mean months, in the winter mind you, waiting for the chance to buy tickets.

I love them. They make watching the game a thousands times more fun.

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