We’re Going to Hell

July 31st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Leb1.jpg Bush gives life as the reason for not supporting stem cell research, but this kind of collateral damage is acceptable. Loss of life is okay, killing children is okay, if it’s in support of his agenda. (Never mind that the stem cell studies proposed would not lead to loss of life.)

I remember going uptown a couple of weeks after 9/11, when the site of the Trade Center was literally still on fire, and they were bringing out bodies and body parts. But people uptown were walking around like nothing happened. They were dressed up, laughing, eating lunch. It just felt bizarre and wrong and I felt like we were not even members of same species.

I mean, what the fuck.

People in Lebanon must be feeling something similar.

My friend Danny’s latest post (he lives in Lebanon).

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  2. By Mark Turner on Jul 31, 2006

    You go, Stacy!

    This reminds me of this recent post on AmericaBlog: What would happen if Americans actually had to watch real images of war?


    The American press needs to stop perpetrating this myth that war is a clean, push-button affair.

    We could use another Mark Twain right about now:


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