The New TV Season is Here!

george.jpg That’s George from Grey’s Anatomy. Love George. I love Izzy, miss Denny (why oh why oh why). Here are my quick thoughts about the new season, from which you will get the idea that I have no life and wonder how I manage to accomplish anything besides watch TV.

Just taking up space here in order to push the rest of the text down to underneath George’s picture. I could have blank space, but that wouldn’t look so good. Here we go!

Grey’s Anatomy. The show I think I’m most looking forward to returning.
Bones. My other favorite show.
Lost. I was getting very annoyed, but I’m still in.
Jericho. Please be good. The premiere was just okay.
American’s Next Top Model. Quit making that face. Try it. It’s really entertaining, I swear.
Gilmore Girls. I miss my girls.
Supernatural. I miss my boys. (And the actor who played Denny is their father!)
Studio 60. Aaron Sorkin. Sports Night. West Wing when it was good. The premiere was only just okay, but I still have great expectations. His good guys are always my kind of good guys.
Criminal Minds. For the first time in my TV life I don’t hate Mandy Patinkin.
House. Love Cameron’s new hairdo.
CSI. I watch the original and CSI: Miami. I don’t like the NY one, but I will give it one more try.
Invasion. Is it gone or what? I really liked it.
The Office. Steve Carrell is currently my favorite person on TV, but we have a scheduling difficulty. I have to see if this repeats on another night.
Shark. James Woods seems like such a ugly human being. But he’s entertaining to watch.
Smith. I don’t even know what this one is about, but friends are telling me to give it a try.

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3 thoughts on “The New TV Season is Here!

  1. Surprised your not a fan of ‘Veronica Mars.’ I used to be skeptical with all the comparisons by people who said it is as good as ‘Buffy.’ Once I got into the story line – I can see what they mean- very clever writing and intersting characters. It hasn’t had the emotional impact on me that a good ‘Buffy’ episode always did but it’s still quite good. Plus Charisma and Allyson, and Joss have all appeared.

  2. I just loved last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy – could McDreamy have said anything better to Meredith at the end of the show ?
    I’m torn because I also love Chris O’Donnell too but we know he is leaving – he only signed for two episodes this season. I love all the characters on this show!

  3. I love Veronica Mars and I really think you’d like it Stacy. I’m quite sure it’s on after Gilmore Girls this season instead of going up against Lost(I alway had to tape one or the other). Here is a piece from an interview with the show’s creator: “This year, IÕm very, very consciously making the first episode sort of a beginnerÕs guide to ÔVeronica Mars.Õ It is an easy episode, certainly in comparison to a lot of our other episodes, itÕs a straightforward detective case. All the noir elements happen toward the end of the show.

    “IÕm trying, in those first three acts, to say to the ÔGilmore GirlsÕ audience, Ôhey look, we have fun, fast banter. We have a great parent-daughter relationship. Watch us too!Õ Then sort of the last 10 minutes it turns back into the ÔVeronica MarsÕ people are used to, and it really does reintroduce Veronica as a detective.”

    Nothing can replace Buffy and Angel, but Veronica does come close and Bones for obvious reasons. I am also waiting to see how everything plays out in the show schedules to see what what new shows I can fit in with my standards. Sad, but true! I am not ashamed!

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