Friday.jpg So far, from the batch of new shows this season, the ones I’m still watching are:

Heroes. By far my favorite.
Friday Night Lights. Have zero interest in football, really like this show. But for me the standouts are Coach Taylor and Saracen, who I just looked up. He’s the “3rd string quarterback.” (I know nothing about football.) I want a Coach Taylor bellowing at me when I’ve had a discouraging day writing. “DO YOU REALLY WANT IT?? GET IN THERE. NO HEART, NO …” whatever it was he said.
Studio 60. I’m still watching, but I’m not convinced. It’s more that I can’t give up on Sorkin after all he’s given us.
Six Degrees. I’m on the fence. The actors are so good, is the thing.

I think that might be it. I forgot the record The Nine so I’m downloading the ones I missed. Is there anything I should be watching that is not on this list?

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3 thoughts on “Keepers

  1. I’m with you! “Heroes” is definitely my fave new show, too. Stayed away from FNL, because I know nothing of football, but after reading your comments maybe I’ll check it out.
    I gave up on “Studio 60” this week. I think the character I have the most trouble with is Harriet. It’s hard to believe she is such a comic genius. The material they come up with for the show isn’t funny either. Does Gilbert and Sullivan and comedia dellarte play well in the middle of the country?
    I rather watch “Little Britain” reruns.

  2. Heroes is certainly strange, but good! That cheerleader certainly doesn’t get too many breaks. It’s keeping my interest at least. Not keeping me all that enthused is Studio 60, so I’m with you on that show. I want to like it & I like the actors for the most part, but I find it harder & harder to decide to tape it each week and then try to look forward to watching it. I do like The Nine, but haven’t tried the other shows you mention. I have too many standards in the line-up and some haven’t even started yet. One new show that I am finding myself getting attached to is Ugly Betty. It can be pretty goofy, but it doesn’t strain your brain. I can’t help but like her & root for her. Her nephew is a real kick too. It’s just something light after so much heavy stuff throughout the week. I’m missing Bones right now!

  3. Maybe I should give Ugly Betty another try. I watched it, but Betty was the only thing I liked about it.

    And yeah, Harriet is the weak link on Studio 60. There is no real chemistry between her and Matt, either.

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