Another TV Round-up

November 12th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

fnl2.jpg Friday Night Lights is still spectacular. I wanted to mention that everyone is so perfect, even the people who are not the “stars”, like this guy, who plays Saracen’s friend. He is the epitome of teen guy best friend. The coaches wife is great, although I guess she is kind of a main character. The guy who plays though the coach though. The actor is normally incredibly attractive to me, but he gets this character so right that although I am riveted by him, I’m no longer in the least bit attracted. And the vulnerability of Saracen! Anyway, I love watching this whole world which I have zero experience with. It comes off as very real to me. I guess someone who lived in a small, football-obessed town in Texas will have to say if it’s authentic.

Grey’s Anatomy, which I still look forward to more than any other show, is having some problems. What the hell have they done to George and Baily? It looks like they’ve figured out they’ve done something to Baily because she’s beginning to come back. But I miss the George I came to love. I’m not smart enough to figure out what is not there so much, though.

PS: I’m doing winter cleaning this weekend. By the end of the day I will have the cleanest apartment in Manhattan.

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