Auction Results

auctionshot.jpg Someone in there paid $11,000 for a photograph of Madonna. It was a great shot, taken in 1990 by Herb Ritts, but still. The bid for the snowglobe shot I love was $3,900 when I left.

I’m telling you though, I saw more great haircuts, earrings, outfits in there–some women really know how to put it together. Men too, but I was looking for tips. I was happy with my outfit, which was a white tshirt and jeans, with a nice jacket over it and lots and lots of pearls. I swear it worked.

I Want Art

auction.jpg I’m meeting my friend Marianne at an auction to benefit Aperture in a couple of hours. I have no money to bid, alas, but if I did I would bid on this photograph by Walter Martin and Paloma Mu’oz. Isn’t it wonderful and sad?

Look at their work! I’m embarrassed to admit that I never heard of them, which doesn’t say anything about them, of course. There was a time when I used to go to galleries all the time, but it’s been years and years. Now I only go from time-to-time. Oh God, I’m going through their recent works. They are stunning.

Okay, now I not only want a husband I want a rich husband who will buy me art.


(I mean I would love an art-giving husband, but it’s not a requirement.)

Suicidal Birds

sparrow.jpg Remember how the other day I said a bird flew into my window twice? This morning three birds flew into my window, one so bad I went downstairs to see if there was an injured bird, and sure enough, there was a sad, hurt little bird. I had nothing to catch him. I went all around the neighborhood, under-dressed (it was cold) looking for a store to give me a box, and it took forever, most places weren’t open yet, and the only one I could get was too small.

I went upstairs, trying to find a bird rescue place to tell me what to do, reached a squirrel rescue woman who was very nice, and she gave me two numbers to try, but said the bird might just be stunned, and just needs a little while. So I’ve showered and I’m going back down there. But even if the bird isn’t there, that doesn’t mean he didn’t hop off someplace to die.

What is going on with these birds?? I’ve lived here since the early 80’s and have never had this problem before. I think they are sparrows, because they kinda look like this picture.

Drumming Videos

Once again, I got carried away with drumming and forgot to take pictures. But I made a quick movie of us warming up before the parade started. OHMYGOD. I found someone else’s films of us on YouTube. They’re better than mine. They’re the two after mine. Okay, but I have the inside view. Because I’m, like, in the band. The guy with all the feathers in the first film after mine — great drummer. (And good looking. And he dances well. And … I think he invented … television.)

Today I am taking my friend Howard out to lunch to celebrate his new book contract. So good day ahead (we’re going to a place I love, too).

[Videos removed because the links no longer work.]