New Year’s Resolutions

copter3.jpg I took this picture at the heliport on the Hudson, while out on my walk today. At some point in the 90’s I developed a fear of flying and haven’t been on a plane since. I never miss it except when I see helicopters. Helicopters make me want to fly. Which brings me to my New Year’s resolutions.

1. Try not to be a pussy (stolen from a friend’s brother resolution). The fear of flying made me think of this one.

2. Do more freelance writing.

3. Take a vacation. Outside New York. And some place you’ve never been before.

That’s all I can think of.



Here’s the picture I took of a line of fireman on 8th Avenue the other day. See? Out of focus.

Today it’s once again: write and go to the gym. It’s getting so that if I don’t do one or the other or both I am filled with self-loathing! So unfair. I was going to put together a list of resolutions for 2007, but then I thought, “nah.”

Congratulations Chris and Charlie!

I am just so happy not only for Chris and Charlie, but because I didn’t screw up!! I experimented with the video option on my camera and got a little bit of Charlie’s vows and a little bit of Chris’s. This is compressed for YouTube, and the quality is a better without the compression. In the first one, Chris laughs at the end which gets mostly lost in the compression.

So, here are Chris and Charlie getting ready.


This is my personal favorite. Charlie is leaning in for a kiss and Chris has this great smile, full of mischief.


I liked Charlie in this one. It’s so hard to get shots where both people look good. Usually one person looks good, but the other is blinking, and Charlie in particular, turned out to be quite the blinker.


Here they are, at the altar.


Another altar shot!


It figures that at the moment of truth, IT’S OUT OF FOCUS. I remembered that the “night” option is flattering, something about the coloring, so I switched to that at the end. But every one with that option came out out of focus! It doesn’t matter. I got a lot of shots, this is just a taste, and Charlie’s brother was taking pictures too, so I’m sure between the two of us they’re covered.


Chris, I’ve got hi-res versions of everything for you, so you can do what you like with them, make prints, and so on. And there are more shots than this.

It was great to be there on your wedding day, and thanks for coming back to wait with me at the train station. (The train was late and Chris and Charlie and his brother Danny came back to wait with me. Chris threw the bouquet, and I dropped it so we did a do-over. It still counts. Universe, you are on notice.)

I raise my coffee cup to you both!!