Voting for Blake

idol2.jpg I’m rooting for Blake. He’s just more interesting to watch. Jordin is sweet, but bland. I want Blake to do something totally unexpected and risky tonight! Will he?

Twelve Hours Later. I wrote that this morning, and since then can I just say I have had a hellish day?? Except for the nice lunch with a couple of detectives from the cold case squad. I really like those guys, I have to say. And my friend Chris had a day from hell yesterday (or rather the day before) and it’s always good to to help a friend. Plus, she convinced me I didn’t have Alzheimers, so that was good. But MAN. I’m still trying to shake it off. (Bad day at the doctors.)

Thank God for television and American Idol. I’m just going to curl up on my couch with a nice sandwhich and potato chips and Smarties for dessert and turn the world out and just enjoy the cute kids singing. Look at this guy — adorable, right?

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2 thoughts on “Voting for Blake

  1. I do like Blake, but *really*, Melinda should have won, and Lakisha second. Sadly, Idol is primarily a popularity contest, driven by pre-teens.

    Next year everyone will have forgotten Jordin, like they’ve forgotten Taylor from last year…

    Maybe there should be a gospel/soul idol– imagine all the Melindas and Lakishas and Fantasias etc.

    BTW– are your desert ‘Smarties’ the Canadian/British ones (like M&Ms) or the American ones (pastel sugar)? When I lived in the U.S. nobody knew what I meant when I said ‘Smarties’– or they thought that they were the tiny pastel sugar things. Maybe our Canadian/ British Smarties are alive and well in NYC??

  2. I know which Smarties you mean! But these are the other ones. I like these because they are tart. I love all tart candy (sour patch anything).

    Yeah, Melinda was the best. But she was missing something. She wasn’t as charismatic as Blake, and I feel terrible for saying that. I had more fun watching Blake. But perhaps, if I was just listening to music, you know, walking along with my ipod, she would better to listen to.

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