Don’t Ever Go on Vacation Again!

Pasha.jpg This picture is cheesy, I know!! But I love our Pasha!! God, I’ve missed So You Think You Can Dance. I couldn’t grab the pictures off the So You Think You Can Dance website, that’s why I’ve resorted to this shot. Weren’t Pasha and Sara marvelous last night? I watched their routine a couple of times. And I know the waltz wasn’t Hok’s best, but he’s still one of my absolute favorites to watch, no matter what he does. Also Shauna and Lacey.

I agreed completely with … guest judge (I’ve forgotten his name, already, sorry, he was nice, too) about Danny. I’m guessing Danny is actually a completely okay guy, and the arrogance is just a defense, but it really would be in his best interest to find another way to relate to the world. That isn’t something you can turn around in a day or within a short competition, alas. But try Dannny, try. You’re so good. I’d hate to see you lose because of something you had to learn in order to get by (but which is no longer serving you). When Kat was nice to him after, he smiled at her and kept looking at her in a sweet, grateful way, so I know he has it in him!

But even though I have my favorites, I love watching them all. Seriously, they are a great group. I almost feel bad pointing out my favorites, like the others aren’t great, but they’re not going to read this, so I blather on. Love this show.

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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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