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Surfers.jpg Before I forget, I wanted to give a shout out to my friend: HI CHRIS!

I know you’ve all probably seen this picture, but I just love these two guys. This is Matt Smolenski and Joe Riopelle rescuing a dog named Shell-B in Michigan. I just love that they did this. I wanted to email them and thank them, and I figured they’re in their 20’s, they must have a Myspace page or something, but I couldn’t find anything.

Thank you, Matt and Joe. Oh, look at that sweet dog face. Thank God for Matt and Joe.

It always freaks me out to see a dog off its leash. Not because I don’t think the dog is well behaved, but because you never know what can happen. I worry for the dog. I guess you can’t keep a dog on a leash all the time, it’s like thinking I’ll never leave the house and therefore nothing will happen to me, but still. It’s inexcusable on city streets I think. The dog sees a stray cat or mouse, runs into traffic and that’s it.

Speaking of things that owners do that bug me, I don’t like how some people walk their dog and have the dog carry something in their mouth, like their water bottle, or the paper they’re going to use to scoop up the dog’s you-know-what. It’s like the dog is a walking-performance-piece, there’s something so narcissistic about it. I’ve never had a dog who does that voluntarily. Yes, they like to chew, and moves things from place to place, but walk around for a while with something in their mouth? No. I’m sure the owners love their dogs, and I’m as narcissistic as the next guy, but I feel for the dogs. But maybe I’m wrong about this. If someone who does this wants to set me straight, that would be cool.

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3 thoughts on “Good People in the World

  1. I’m pretty sure some dogs do like to carry things in their mouths. my mom’s dog would sometimes pick up a stick and carry it for ten, 20, even 30 minutes. she’d put it down occasionally to sniff at something but then pick it up again before we moved on.

  2. I raised a dog for Paws With A Cause, an organization that provides assist dogs to wheelchair-bound people, and learned that the desire to carry things(a necessary task for assist dogs) is bred into retrievers. We were told not to discourage the dog from carrying things, but if it was carrying something we didn’t want ruined, we should replace it with an object that was ok to be chewed/carried.

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