I was wrong!

Surf2.jpg It’s been pointed out that some dogs do like to carry things in their mouths, so there. I take back all the evil thoughts I had about dog owners who walk around with their dogs carrying stuff in their mouths.

Here’s another picture of the fabulous dog-rescuing Matt and Joe. I know there are lots of people rescuing animals all over the world, sorry to focus on Matt and Joe, but this was so great.

I am very very very very happy with how this new chapter has turned out, and I’m pretty sure my editor will be too. It’s got a ghost story!

Plus, I’m very happy because the new TV season has started. Everyone, don’t forget the show Reaper. It premiered last night. I meant to post a reminder, but I’m sure you can find it online if you missed it. Tonight I’m hopeful about Bionic Woman and Dirty Sexy Money.

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2 thoughts on “I was wrong!

  1. When a Retriever breed crushes an object within their jaws, it is called “hardmouth.” Not a desirable trait within that breed.

    That behavior is directly related to the dogs direct ancestor, the wolf. I’m sure you can guess why the wolf crushed their prey.

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