Holy Shit, California!

Fire.jpg I didn’t have the news on all day yesterday, and then before leaving for choir I turn on CNN and it seemed like everything got a whole lot worse. Or, I didn’t really have a sense of the magnitude before. 500,000 evacuated! 400 square miles consumed?? I mean Mother of God. At least there haven’t been a lot of deaths. But still.

I found this picture on Flickr last night, and I had cut and paste the photographer’s name but now I can’t find it and I went back to Flickr and still can’t find it. I’m sorry, photographer! It’s an amazing shot. And a brave pilot.

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3 thoughts on “Holy Shit, California!

  1. The plane is Canadian. The State of California contracts to have them on hand during fire season. The pilots are incredible. A friend who is a helicopter pilot/reporter for one of the local stations has positioned his onboard videographer for a number of stunning takes of water drops. A converted DC-9 that flies treetop to drop fire retardant is the real crowd pleaser though. It’s recently been put back into service after it took some damage to its flaps after hitting some trees during a run. It’s just a little crazy out this way!

  2. Man!
    I lived five minutes from Malibu and was there for several fires. I cannot tell you scary it was looking out the window and seeing the mountains with an orange glow behind them. Our cars would be covered with ash, like snow.
    Thankfully, all of my friends back there are okay.
    Completely frightening to watch all of this.

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