Before and After


This was taken in March, and Alessandra (2nd from the right) was due in June. Yesterday we went back out to brunch. By the way, someone asked when we went out to brunch last and I said, “Last summer,” meaning 2006. “Weren’t we all bundled up?” They asked. “I don’t think so” I answered. “Maybe light jackets?” Here is the evidence, of when we went and the further deterioration of my brain.



This was taken yesterday, in front of the same restaurant. That’s Dimitra, Mary, Alessandra and a brand new human human being named Ella. Oh yeah, and I said “last summer” with little Ella right next to me, which would make her almost a year and a half old which she clearly isn’t.

I think Ella is taking this whole “I didn’t exist a little while ago and now here I am, please explain EVERYTHING to me” thing rather well.

Marathon Writing Day

Lamp2.jpg It’s the little things. I’ve taken a picture of my lamp to show off my new lampshade. The previous one was a mess and I managed to find a new one that is a much prettier shape, and provides more delicate lighting and color.

My new lampshade will sustain me during my marathon writing session today. I’m going to get a ton of editing and writing done today. That is the plan. Here’s my to-do list. Wish me luck.

– Write.
– Give Finney medicine.
– Eat.
– Call Chris later.
– Admire lampshade.
– I will not look at kittens and puppies on Petfinder.

Update: It’s too freaking hot out. And I have been checking Cute Overload periodically, but getting some work done. Finney medicine given and he doesn’t hate me yet. He forgets seconds later, thank God.

“Oh, why can’t dogs read?”

You know how some people have problems with their teeth no matter what they do? Poor Finney is like this. I take him for teeth cleaning once a year, but still he has teeth problems. He just had to have three teeth pulled, the poor baby. Here he is, back, hanging out on the desk and giving me a look like, “Yeah, so, what was that about?” I have to give him this God-awful medicine for ten days now. Please don’t hate me Finn. It makes me think of that line in the Nancy Mitford book The Pursuit of Love. The children felt bad for their dogs who had to stay in the kennel. They worried that they would become bored and lonely and cry, “Oh, why can’t dogs read?”

Why oh why can’t cats talk? I long to explain to him why I have to give him this horrible tasting liquid, and bring him to the vet from time to time even though it scares him so. It breaks my heart.

Best New Shows So Far

Reap2.jpg The picture is from Reaper. I’ve already mentioned this one. Best new show so far.

Dirty Sexy Money. I so didn’t expect to like this, but I watched because so many people on Echo posted that they liked it. And I have to say, it was actually kinda thrilling. I don’t know why! I don’t find money or the pursuit of it or the having of it thrilling or sexy or dirty.

Bionic Woman. It’s been getting some bad word-of-mouth, but I got into it. Love a girl who can kick ass.

Pushing Daisys. Hasn’t premiered yet, I downloaded the pilot. Really sweet.

Christ. Watching TV is practically a fulltime job. So pathetic of me! But there it is. I have fun. Oh and I am SO happy Grey’s Anatomy is back. I wish Shonda would post on her blog already.