Go See Cloverfield and Other Recommendations

Colver.jpg I’m seeing it twice. Apparently I can’t get enough of a good monster movie.

Other Recommendations:

Read this blog post. Although I am the opposite of this guy. I am drawn to just what he is probably more appropriately horrified by. Although I too respond by not wanting to own things. But this guy’s post is beautiful. I’ve bookmarked his blog.

Here is a website that would make that guy want to kill himself on the spot, but this is a perfect example of just what I am drawn to. This is just the kind of thing I love to find and wallow in. (It’s the contents of suitcases left behind in a former insane asylum.)

Also, my sister-in-law Karen was right about the book, Eat, Pray, Love. Part of me wanted to hate it on principle (it had “pray” and “love” in the title, “eat” is okay though) but I am enjoying it so much. Thank you, Karen. I like it because the people at the Ashram make fun of her. “Oh, what a pity you are the only person in the whole world to have that problem,” one of them says when she tells him she has a hard time concentrating during meditating, her mind goes all over the place. (I loved his response because of course we all have the exact same problem.)

What else? Thinking, thinking, any music I’ve heard that I loved … TV shows? I’m enjoying The Cashmere Mafia (although can’t they have a show about poor, less successful New York women like me??) Also The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Neither of these shows are great, but they are entertaining me just enough in these desperate, new-TV-less times.

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2 thoughts on “Go See Cloverfield and Other Recommendations

  1. Ooh, great links today Stacy. Where ever did you come across the suitcase site? When my sister and I were kids, my mum was researching her family tree and our summer holidays would be spent wandering around graveyards or musty smelling archives. She’d give us a pad of paper and a pencil and send us off with a list of surnames to look for. I never found it creepy, just sort of sad and peaceful.

  2. * I liked this guys’ review of Cloverfield: http://www.breakitdownblog.com/cloverfield-review/
    although it is full of spoilers & details so probably best digested after seeing the movie for the first time.

    * On the blog post linked, it reminds me of a passage near the end of Terence O’Donnell’s “Garden of the Brave in War”:

    …it was Mamdali who brought together the two things that were going on, the grief and the necessity of facing it, and blended them into a mood which gave due regard to each, the old Iranian acceptance of fate. “Nothing lasts,” he said. “Neither this Garden, nor ourselves, nor anything else. God wishes it.”…

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