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derercuny2.jpg I saw this dress in a magazine and looked it up online. The designer is name Derercuny [the link I had to the designer is no longer working].

I have another interview for my audio forensics piece today. This is with a guy who analyzes cockpit voice recordings to help determine the cause of plane crashes. To prepare, I listened to a cockpit voice recording that I’m going to be asking him about. It was bad. I’ve listened to a bunch of these and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the impact in any of them, but you can hear it in this one. It made it a thousand times worse to listen to.

The conversation was hard to understand except at the end, but I read the transcript first so I knew what they were saying. The co-pilot was pointing out a problem and the pilot was insisting it was fine. It wasn’t. The last words are the co-pilot saying “we’re going down” and the pilot answering “I know it,” and I think you can hear the defensiveness and anger at the co-pilot in the pilot’s voice. It was like, ‘yeah, you were right, we’re going to die,’ like he was annoyed at the “I told you so” in the co-pilot’s comment, but also mad at himself and saying sorry at the same time. Jesus, I’ve led a charmed life so far. The things that some people have to endure. It’s so unfair. In the roll of the dice of lives, I’ve done pretty well so far.

I think I’m done with the line edits of my book, but I’m afraid to hand it in. (That sounded like school days, didn’t it? “Hand it in.” Like it’s a paper or an assignment.) What if it’s not really ready, and still needs work??

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