Too Beautiful to be Real

Beauty.jpg I was looking at videos on a website for the Hubble space telescope and the videos just looked too beautiful to be real. I even wondered if perhaps they were animations. I know that sounds insane but you have to see them.

I mean, look at that picture. Can you believe how amazingly gorgeous it is? And the colors. Is there really anything that stunning and perfect just … out there? (And I don’t get to see it except in pictures? No fair.)

Kinda makes me feel like we’re wasting our time. Like everyone who isn’t involved in eradicating disease and suffering and making the world a better place in some way should be involved in space exploration. Okay, there are other worthy pursuits, other areas of knowledge worth exploring, but still.

Come on. Look at that. (I just watched Finney do some pretty amazing contortions in order to lick his foot to clean it and that was pretty good, though.)

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Too Beautiful to be Real

  1. My mind is too teeny-tiny to comprehend these images. I will just have to be content with the beauty of it all. But how does Hubble capture these? One photo said the image was 9.5 light years from top to bottom. So the photograph was of a thing that is a different age at the top of the image than at the bottom… Ugh, my brain hurts…

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