Courtney and Gev: Growing on Me

Courtney.jpg Gev’s solo last night was amazing, followed by Courtney’s. There’s isn’t a lot to say about last night’s eliminations. I think Comfort or Jessica (she is really pulling Will down) should have gone before Kourtni, but it was just a matter of time for Kourtni, so okay. Matt, well, there’s so many good guys it’s just going to be painful from here on in. I’m not hopeful for Thayne, because he has Comfort for a partner, but I really hope they get a decent routine. I think part of Thayne’s problem has been one bad routine after another. The choreographers have completely let him down time and again.

Summer Movies. I’ve been going to a lot of movies and I have to say, nothing is blowing me away. The closest so far is WALL-E, which I loved. I saw HANCOCK the day it opened and I was so looking forward to that, the premise was so perfect, and although Will Smith was entertaining as always it was just okay. KUNG FU PANDA — I read that some interviewer cried. Not cry-worthy. WALL-E was superior. It was good though, better than okay. So far the SEX AND THE CITY movie and WALL-E are my favorite movies this summer.

What’s coming up? Oh, MAMA MIA (I’m looking forward to it, I admit it). The X-FILES movie … oh and am I the last to know how ridiculously smoking hot Daniel Craig is?? Good freaking lord.

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  1. Yes! You are the last to know (about Daniel Craig)! If I know about a movie star before you do, that makes you officially The Last.

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