The World is Going to End on Sept. 10th

lhc2.jpg Or thereabouts. They’re going to turn on the Large Hadron Collider then. That reminds me, I’ve started reading a science blog called Cosmic Variance because my favorite Science Times writer Dennis Overbye mentioned he reads it. Even if you don’t think you’re interested in science articles, just try reading Dennis Overbye every Tuesday for a while, when he has a piece in the Times. You’ll be surprised, I think.

Cosmic Variance is good too, for keeping up with what is newsy for physicists. It’s California Institute of Technology physicist Sean Carroll’s blog. Actually no, I just read the “about” page and it’s a group blog, not just Carroll’s. I watched a video of Sean Carroll and his wife, also a scientist, on YouTube, and now I forget what it was about (and his wife’s name, sorry!) but I remember enjoying it. I’ll bet there’s a nice love story there.

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3 thoughts on “The World is Going to End on Sept. 10th

  1. Friend of mine has just moved to Berkeley, and his landlord is a UC-Berkeley Physicist who has put some time in on the development of the Large Haldron Collider. He tells me that bets are being taken as to whether or not the world will end when the ON switch is thrown. Shades of Oppenheimer and the Trinity Boys! Question is: If you think the world is going to end and place your bet accordingly, where do you collect your winnings?

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