Torture Team Trading Cards

I just heard about the new Torture Team Trading Cards.


Their smallest pack (10 cards) is free.

From the email from the Center for Constitutional Rights:

While most people know the names of the principal players on the “Torture Team” – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice – there are many more members of the team who must be investigated and prosecuted. We’ve created 20 “Torture Team” trading cards (“collect and prosecute them all!!”) and a matching website to push the attorney general to allow the Special Prosecutor to investigate as far up the chain of command as the evidence leads.

In addition to ordering the physical cards, while on the website, you can:

– Write Holder to demand the entire Torture Team be held accountable.
– Find more information about the government’s torture program and the role of the Torture Team members.
– Create your own Team Justice trading card with your photo and message, and forward it to friends.

The purpose of the cards is to bring attention to the people who should really be under investigation and to pressure Holder to do the right thing and provide the special prosecutor with as much authority as he needs and a broader mandate. Pass it on!

I really had to agree with this point from the email: The “Torture Team” – the former government officials, lawyers and military leadership – who are really responsible shouldn’t enjoy impunity while a few low-level operatives take the fall.

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