UPDATED Post about Matt Taibbi

I posted in response to a Washington Post article about Matt Taibbi, but I just read an article in Paste Magazine which provides another side to the story.

It looks like I can go right on admiring him. I’m keeping what I posted below for backstory. The Washington Post has some explaining to do. God, I can’t fact check every story I read, and apparently I wrongly trust papers like the Washington Post to do that for me.

Has anyone read the Washington Post article about Matt Taibbi (and Mark Ames, who I don’t know anything about)? It’s here, and the title lets you know exactly what it’s about: The two expat bros who terrorized women correspondents in Moscow.

I am a huge admirer of Matt Taibbi and this is so upsetting. I hope he responds.

A lovely scene in my neighborhood. I wish I had caught the sparkle on the pine cones better. You can see it a little in the close-up.

Christmas, West Village, New York City, 2017

Christmas, West Village, New York City, 2017

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