Holiday Concert Choral Society of Grace Church

I’m in a picture of my choir!! AJ Stetson, of AJ Stetson Studios, took pictures of our concert last week, and I found myself in one. This shot features Joseph Charles Beutel, the bass/baritone soloist for the Bach Christmas Oratorio. I’m in the upper right hand corner (the tiny woman with bangs and glasses).

The second shot I posted shows our director, John Maclay, at the point in the concert when he turns around and conducts the audience during the Christmas carols.

Choral Society of Grace Church

Choral Society of Grace Church

Singing: Now more than Ever

“In these days of political, personal, and economic disintegration, music is not a luxury, it’s a necessity; not simply because it is therapeutic, nor because it is the universal language, but because it is the persistent focus of our intelligence, aspiration, and goodwill.” -Robert Shaw

Last night was our first holiday concert performance, (the Choral Society of Grace Church) and this afternoon is our second and last. SOB. But we start up again in January.

We’re pretty much sold out, but they always hold aside a few tickets to sell at the door. If you’re in the city and looking for something to do, the concert is at 3pm, Grace Church, 10th Street and Broadway (but get there early if you want to get a ticket and a decent seat).

I took this on the way back from choir practice.

Christmas Trees, New York City, 2017