Death Tributes

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I took these a couple of weeks ago, walking down the West Side Highway. The first was a ghost bike tribute, for a cyclist killed on that spot, but someone also added pictures of the eight people killed in the terrorist attack on Halloween last year.

Ghost Bike Tribute, West Street, New York City

This wreath was directly for those eight victims. I just read that the driver of the truck is seeking a deal to avoid the death penalty (he wants life in prison instead). It is his right, and I am against the death penalty anyway, but I can’t avoid the incongruousness of doing everything you can to avoid something which you inflicted on others. Obviously he understands it’s a terrible, horrible thing, to kill and to die. Does he address this in any statements?

They Love the Bunnies

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Whether or not it’s going to lead to them biting me less is another story. However, I was looking at old videos of Finney and he used to bite me too when he was young and he grew out of it. Maybe they will grow out of it too. Please. I love it when they carry around the bunnies though.

Everything is a Chew Toy

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They knocked a water bottle off the coffee table and played with it for about ten minutes before moving on to the next thing to destroy. Kittens are cute not so we’ll love them, but so that we won’t kill them.

The Village, 2018

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They were shooting on Perry Street the other night. It was so lit up I had to go out and take a look. I watched them shoot a scene of a girl leaving the building via the fire escape. The production is called “Village,” and the actress’s name is Grace, that’s all I caught. I googled it but couldn’t find out anything. That’s Grace making her way down.

Walking towards the block.

I went to my roof first and saw these lights pointing towards the next block. (My building is five stories high, to give you an idea of how tall this stand of lights was.)

Holy shit. My friend across the street just tweeted that they broke some branches off a tree on our block. Jerks. I should call 311 or something and report them.

Science Friday

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I was on Science Friday yesterday with Claire Evans, author Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet. As usual, I am so much more comfortable talking about anything but myself. Afterwards I was cringing for hours, thinking about all the things I should have said. It’s hard to be articulate on the spot. For me anyway. Claire was amazing.

Walking home I thought of how I should have answered Ira’s last question about anonymity. The fact that not having anonymity on Echo worked, while it’s not working as well on Facebook is a reflection of a broader (and ugly) cultural change in this country, and how we talk to each other in general now. But it’s also because we managed a greater level of intimacy on Echo. Not just because we are smaller, although that certainly helped. The fact that most users were and are local made it possible for people go together in person, so we were and are even less anonymous. But I think it was mostly because of the hosts/moderators, the presence of so many women, and luck. Conversations were exciting, moving, funny, and everyone wanted to preserve that. It was in our own best interest to be a little less asshole-ish.

You can listen to the interview here.

The charming and gracious Ira Flatow. My picture of Claire came out slightly out of focus, alas.

Science Friday, Ira Flatow