Why a war on drugs and not a war on financial crime?

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My op-ed about closing Riker’s Island is in the New York Daily News today! I’m so proud. It had to be significantly cut down, but the editor did a great job of that. I do have friends in the Department of Correction, and I hope they understand that they are not responsible for the problems of society that resulted in what Rikers has become. They are victims as well and closing Rikers is best for everyone. It hurts us all.

Spotted on the ground on my way to our choir concert last night. We are not alone!

I Have a Q&A in The Millions!

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Thanks to Sarah Cords, I have a Q&A in The Millions!! I loved her questions, she really did her homework. It begins with: Stacy Horn defies death by ceaselessly writing books about it.

A perfect start. Thank you so much Sarah!!

We rehearsed with the orchestra last night (I sing with the Choral Society of Grace Church). This is a shot before rehearsal began.

This is from my point of view from the very last row in the back. I actually like it there. As you can see I have a great line of sight. The downside is you are not in the thick of things, surrounded by singers, with harmony all around you. But weirdly, I could hear the altos very well from this position, and they have beautiful lines in the Haydn piece we’re singing.

My Pub Date is in Six Days

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I’m so stressed. You work hard, for years, and it all comes down to this day, or rather, a few short weeks. I forget what the general wisdom is about the time period, but you have something like a few weeks for something to happen, and then everyone is on to the next wave of books.

I may have an op-ed in the New York Daily News this weekend, and another on the History News Network. We shall see. I’ve done some Q&As and podcasts, which will come out soon if all goes well. And of course I’m hoping for more, and positive reviews, and appearances on the radio.

Also, I once again realized I have no clothes and have to run out and buy a few things. I’m hoping I can get away with two new shirts. I can throw those over a pair of jeans, no one cares I think, as long as your shirt is presentable, with maybe a pretty necklace.

My picture today is of fallen cherry blossoms on West 11th Street. I love walking along the streets when the blossoms begin to fall. This actually made it into my book about singing. “The best part however, is when the petals begin to fall. It makes me wish New York City were car-free. I want to be able to walk down the center of the street like I’m in the middle of my own botanical ticker-tape parade. I’d raise my arms to the skies and twirl around in this confetti-like explosion of renewal and possibility and pretend it’s all for me.”

Tell the USDA to Stop Killing Kittens

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Podcasts, Interviews, Opeds

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Publicity for my book is gearing up, and I’ve started recording podcasts, participating in interviews, writing op-eds, and the answers to Q&As. It’s stressful, because you want to do a good job, and having a new book out in the world feels so vulnerable. You’ve worked for years on this thing, its your baby, and people will pounce.

But it’s great, and it’s exciting as well. And I’m being offered a lot more opportunities for this book, which seems to indicate there’s interest in the subject. It’s also such a pleasure when the person asking questions is familiar with your work (I’m looking at you Citizen Reader) and asks meaningful questions.

I recorded a podcast at the New York Public Library this week. The host, Aidan Flax-Clark, and the producer, Schuyler Swenson, were incredible. They really were into the subject, and got what I was trying to do, although this led to a sad moment. Schuyler told me about learning about a German immigrant while working at the Tenement Museum. He’d come to America and built up a life, and a business. She knew he ended his life on Blackwell’s Island, but she didn’t know at the time exactly what that meant. Now she does. (It was not a happy ending.)

Empty stacks at the New York Public Library (books are being moved around).