Sex and the City Anniversary

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It’s the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City. Most of the articles I’m seeing noting the anniversary are negative. But I loved the show. I read the criticisms and even though I agree with pretty much every thing they’re saying I still remember it fondly. Carrie could be horrible, and an idiot, but I still loved her. And Miranda and Charlotte and Samantha. My favorite article about the show is here (but it’s from 2013).

I live a block away from the apartment on Perry Street that was used as the exterior for Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. Luckily, I was around when they did a shoot for the first Sex and the City movie.

20 years later and people still show up there every day to take pictures. I took the shot below in 2012. I’m heading out later (to my event at the New York Public Library, where Carrie and Big didn’t get married). I’ll walk by Carrie’s old apartment and take a picture of whatever I see there. I should also take pictures at the NYPL. I know exactly where they filmed each shot.

I’m Best-Selling at the Astoria Bookshop!

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I’m #3! I’m #3! I’m #3! Also, today is my birthday so happy birthday to me!

On My Way to Boston

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I’m having a hard time staying awake on the train to Boston. I think Boston is the last stop so I might be okay if I fell asleep. But I’m not positive. And maybe they don’t sweep the cars for sleeping passengers in any case. We’re in Rhode Island now. I believe I have another hour and a half worth of struggle ahead of me.

Bleeck and Bali doing what I wish I could.

The Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell’s Island

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The drawing below is of the Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell’s Island. In reality, only the most tame patients would have been allowed outside without restraints. They’d had too may instances in the past where patients kept bolting straight for the East River the first chance they got, occasionally disappearing beneath the dark brown waters before anyone could attempt to save them. Would-be rescuers sometimes died trying.

Nicknamed River Runners, some of these inmates were just trying to get away; the Island of Manhattan was so tantalizingly close. Any decent swimmer unaware of the currents would look across and think, ‘Surely I could make that.’ (No record of anyone from the Asylum having made it could be found, but on rare occasions men from the Penitentiary or Workhouse managed to reach the other shore alive.) Others, who had enough of being brutalized by attendants, or locked inside a crib [a form of restraint] in a dark, windowless room, saw death in the river as an acceptable means of escape.

Blackwell's Island Lunatic Asylum

Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

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Normally they claw their way up the curtains to reach the plant. But every summer I put a fan in front of my air conditioner to increase the circulation, and I have to put something underneath it so it reaches the vent. A perfect step ladder to destruction for the cats.

That reminds me, someone brought their cat to the ASPCA hospital. It’s name was Lucipur. The perfect cat name.