My Goal Today is to Never Leave the Apartment

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I just need to curl up, and as it happens I have a ton of reading to do for this book proposal I’m working on. Plus, it’s wicked cold out there (TM people in Boston).

Bodhi is sure there is something in the humidifier that he wants. Every day he tried to knock it over (which he can do, but I’ve got blockers in place now).

My Cats When it’s -14 degrees out there Real Feel

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Huddled up in front of the radiator. That’s Bali and Bodhi. It’s perfectly warm inside my apartment, for the record. No need to get all dramatic boys! You can tell just by their expressions who the insane one is, right? (Bodhi.)


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I was fascinated by the mannequins at Hunter’s Health Professions Education Center in NYC (used for teaching). Thank you for the tour, Martin Dornbaum!

An Early Valentine’s Day Decoration Before the Storm

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I looked down towards the basement apartment of a building that always has lovely decorations for many holidays and sure enough, there was an early Valentine’s Day surprise. Thank you!

Me and this dog, love at first sight.

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But his eyes say, ‘I’m so sorry, but I belong to another. We can never be.’ Sob.