My DNA Results

I did the DNA test and disappeared for a couple of days after the results came back. I’m sure I’ll be disappearing many more days in the future, it’s just so much fun. I was able to clear up one mystery. My grandfather on my mother’s side was adopted, and I was pretty sure I’d found his birth parents but now I could confirm it based on the DNA matches that popped up! The weird thing is, I got the most matches on this line, the line I knew nothing about until now. I got the fewest matches on both my father’s parents line, none on his mother’s. Hmmm.

The one surprise was this. I thought I was going to be mostly Irish and mostly German, and I was half right.

45% Irish
24% Scottish
14% England & Northwestern Europe
8% Germanic Europe
7% Norway
2% Eastern Europe & Russia

A picture of my father from his Brooklyn Technical High School yearbook picture. Now I’m curious about Gerhard Hubbe. A quick search doesn’t turn up much. Is he the Gerhard Hubbe who went into forestry and moved to Oregon? And died in 2001?

Brooklyn Technical High School

Got My First Shot!

I agonized about which to get. I wanted to get the one-and-done Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but the general wisdom seemed to be get the one you can get the soonest, and that was the Moderna. My arm hurt, and that was it. I’m scared about the possible side effects from the second shot, but I’m thrilled to be halfway there! I’m going to go to the movies! (I know, a weird thing to celebrate given all the choices, but there it is.)

My favorite talking building. It’s hard to see but there are bandaids all over the wall. It’s wonderful.

Barber: Prayers of Kierkegaard

From John Maclay, the director of my choir, The Choral Society of GRace Church:

During a week of solemn observance and reflection, this musical essay by the American composer Samuel Barber (1910-1981) seemed especially relevant. Written during World War II, Prayers of Kierkegaard is a beautifully crafted response to anxious times: an honest reckoning with adversity, emerging with a sense of hope and purpose.

We hope you enjoy (and feel free to share) the Choral Society’s concert performance of this striking piece, recorded live at Grace Church in May 2017, with Tami Petty singing the heartfelt solo originally composed for Leontyne Price.

2021 GANYC Apple Awards

My friend Laurie Gwen Shapiro won a Guide Association of New York City Award for Outstanding Achievement in Essay/Article/Series Writing for her New Yorker article, The Improbable Journey of Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, AND a podcast I was a guest on, Gotham Center’s Lost NYC won the Outstanding Achievement in NYC Radio Program or Podcast (Audio/Spoken Word) award. Congratulations to them and to all the GANYC winners!

Trudging out to a meeting and hoping I don’t fall. (I didn’t. Not that day anyway.)