Halloween Decorations Start to Go Up in the West Village, NYC!

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Freaking amazing. I realized he was activated by a motion sensor, so at a certain point there’s a bit of shaky cam in this quick clip, as I moved to get him going again. Don’t you love whoever did this?? Thank you decorator and animator!!

Bali is Going to be an Owl for Halloween

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He looks like an owl, right?? He’s sitting on the new replacement scratching post I just bought from Felix Katnip Tree Company. He and the post tipped over a few minutes later. My poor downstairs neighbor. Who must be a saint. They never complain about the things that fall over, are knocked over, or the sounds from them jumping down off things.

History Book Festival

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I’m always so nervous before giving a talk about any of my books. But I should have realized that the History Book Conference was going to be a whole other experience entirely. The people who run the conference and the people who attend are all history-lovers of course. What on earth was there to worry about?? It was amazing!! If you can make it next year, you really should attend. It was packed this year. Four authors were giving presentations during each session and every one of them was well-attended. A few shots before mine began.

Dr. Jeffrey Reid interviewed me for my presentation and that is him in the third shot.

History Book Festival Tomorrow

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I’ll be at the History Book Festival tomorrow in Lewes, DE! I’m going be interviewed about my book and the history of Blackwell’s Island by the esteemed Dr. Jeffrey Fried. FYI: Blanche Wiesen Cook is giving the keynote address tonight, and a lot of other great historians and writers will be there.

When I did my author photo this year I tried to have the books of friends, and books I used in my research in the background.

My Brand New Windows

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The windows in my apartment were so old and falling apart bats could fly in. For real. Proof here. I had a mosquito problem which I’ve posted about, and I was sure I would one day die from some mosquito born illness. Well, the city told my landlord he had to fix all the windows and he put in new windows instead! But look who christened my nice, brand-new windows!