New York City Holiday Windows, 2018

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I went out to shoot pictures of the NYC holiday windows, but I feel like no one was really trying this year. It was so lack-luster everywhere I went. I think people are having a hard time mustering joy. Everything is such a mess, thanks to you know who, Mr. I-am-thankful-for-myself. I would have liked a window celebrating acts of decency that still take place regardless. But here is window from Bergdorf’s, and a shot in front of a tower that shall not be named:

Christmas Trees are Coming!

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All over the City they are building stands for the Christmas trees that will soon go on sale. As a matter of fact, the trees are probably there RIGHT NOW, as I type. I can never have a tree because my cats go straight for the ornaments and break everything. But, it finally occurred to me, I could have a tree without ornaments, maybe just with lights. That just might work! The worst the cats could do is knock it over!!

Stormin’ Norman and Suzy singing Ocean of Love

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I always loved Stormin’ Norman and Suzy and this song in particular. I’m so happy that this video exists and I can see and hear them again. It holds up I think (I heard them when I was living in Boston in the 1970’s). I think I will also tweet it!

Virtual Choir 5

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Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir participates in his latest composition: Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of our Universe. I am one of the singers. See if you can find me. I’m kidding. You’ll get the joke if you watch. It’s a beautiful piece, and the imagery is just stunning. It makes me want to visit a planetarium. Or the stars.


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My brother and I saw this when I drove up to see my father for the last time. He died early on Halloween morning, sadly. I don’t really feel like posting at length about it now. Maybe someday. He would have turned 90 on Christmas Eve, so he had a good long life. Not that even longer would have been better.