All My Grandparents on Their Wedding Days

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This first picture is of my maternal grandparents, who I never met. They both died before I was born, alas. They were the blue collar side of the family. Walter worked for Con Edison his entire life, and died on the street on the way to work. My mother told me his co-workers joked, “Walter didn’t come to work today, he must be dead!” And he was! They were married in 1927.

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This second shot is my paternal grandparents. I didn’t have the original, so the quality isn’t great, but I love the top hat! They were married in 1926. My father’s side of the family was more affluent. His father was a judge who was appointed by Mayor La Guardia. They were neighbors of the Trumps, and my father’s sister used to babysit Donald. I remember my father telling me that no one in the neighborhood liked Donald.

Times Square Subway Sign

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I spotted this sign on the platform for the Q Train Times Square stop. I love a nice, positive message in the morning. Thank you PrideTrain people!

My Book at The Strand

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The paperback edition of my book on the table at The Strand, two books way from one of the books I’m reading right now, The Library Book. Thank you for the honor, Strand Bookstore, and the support!

Jungle on the Roof

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Look at that wonderful jungle up on the roof of this building. I’d love to live there except it looks like just a garage or something. There are no windows.

My Favorite Picture

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This is one of my favorite shots I ever took, except it’s out of focus and I printed it myself and I was never good at color printing, the colors are all wrong (this was all manually done at the time). Still, I love it. I was driving along and came upon this dog obedience class. Good doggies.