The Holidays Come to New York City

People are starting to put up decorations. Soon I will take my stroll uptown, taking pictures of all the holidays windows in the stores. Barney’s usually has the best, followed by and sometimes tied by Bergdorf’s. I’m also drawn to the windows at Tiffany’s, which have the back-in-time feel I love. They make me think of the movie (and book) Peter Pan, for some reason. Why, I wonder.

Christmas Lights, West Village, New York City, 2017

Getting Excited about Damnation Island!

My book about Blackwell’s Island is coming out in six months!! I’ve been updating my blog accordingly (see the cover and link over on the right). It’s such an exciting and terrifying time. What will people think?? Am I going to get crushed, or will my book become a runaway bestseller?? Since I am both a pessimist and an optimist, I will probably be going back and forth, torturing myself, every day up until my pub date.

Bodhi and Bali, who are still small enough to fit on my lap together, are six months old, although in two weeks they will go up to seven. That’s Bali in the foreground, looking very annoyed. He’s actually ever so slightly more easy-going than Bodhi, who is a Tasmanian Devil. But neither of them will let me sleep in the morning, so even on my days off I’m getting up at 5am.

Thanks a heap, boys. No, really, I love you. But seriously. One more hour, for crying out loud.

New York City Marathon, 2017

The New York City Marathon went by a half a block away from the ASPCA. Originally we were told we were going have to either walk 32 blocks downtown or 44 blocks uptown before we could cross the street to get to the subway to go home, but they let me cross two blocks away. THANK GOD. It’s exhausting taking care of kittens for eight hours!! No one believes me. But I’m generally passed out within a few hours of getting home. I eat, then turn on the tv thinking I will relax for a while, then minutes later it’s ZZZZZZZ.

New York City Marathon, 2017