Read This Now, You’ll Thank Me

It’s Mona Simpson’s eulogy for her brother, Steve Jobs. You might be thinking, enough already with Steve Jobs, I’m sick of Steve Jobs, or even, I hate Steve Jobs. But this is different. It’s incredibly moving. It’s moving not only because of the life observed, but because of the observer. It reminds me how even fictional characters can be so affecting they change lives. So it doesn’t matter what you think of Steve Jobs. Just read it. And thank you, Mona Simpson.

Holiday cleaning progress report: DONE. My apartment is so clean I can throw a freshly laundered white comforter on the floor, have a cat immediately jump into it, and not care.

My Cat Finney Curled up in the Clean Comforter

Holiday Cleaning Progress Report

I’ve got a massive laundry to do and then I’m done. At that point I will read magazines, watch tv, eat bon-bons (fruit and nuts actually, and some dark chocolate) and sing to my cats.

I brought my camera to a Halloween party last night, but never brought it out, so here is a picture from the days when the weather was opposite to the combo monsoon/blizzard we had last night. This was from this year’s Fashion’s Night Out.

OH! Speaking of which, I love Anya, but Joshua should have won Project Runway, with Victor coming in second and Kimberly coming in third. I was shocked that Anya won. I would kill for pieces in all their collections but hers. Her dresses were beautiful, but there was no variety and I’d have no place to wear any of them. How many people go to resorts?? Also, I’ve been meaning to bring this up, but when a piece is praised because of the print and the print is someone else’s work, it almost feels like cheating to me. Her dresses moved beautifully, I’m not trying to take that away from Anya, but the prints were someone else’s design. Unlike Victor, for instance. Anya is wonderful and Joshua needs to grow up, but still.

Last, I love the new show Project Accessory. It made me feel like if I had some talent I could look fabulous even though I’m poor. The accessories they made out of junk, basically??? Amazing!

Fashion's Night Out 2011

Freaking Out About a Pigeon. Again.

This poor pigeon is huddled on my air conditioner. They never do that. There’s no shelter in this spot. It’s been there for an hour, and it’s snowing and raining terribly. I don’t know what to do. I can’t get at him from this window and I’m too afraid of heights to try to reach him from another window, even if I could figure out a way how.

I’m so upset. He has the same coloring as the pigeon I rescued. What if it is the same pigeon, coming back to me for help??

Update: The pigeon is gone. Thank god. It was killing me. Maybe I should go downstairs and see it’s on the street.

Further Update: Another pigeon is now huddled in the same spot. Maybe this spot offers something I’m not aware of.

Pigeon Huddled on Air Conditioner

Holiday Cleaning Progress Report

This is going to be the most expensive holiday cleaning EVER. A window cracked while I was cleaning it, my router fell during said window-cleanage and won’t power up, I lost my tweezer (I know, not a lot of money but it’s hard to find a good tweezer, the ladies will understand) and I’m not done!

Snow is on the way. I need to rethink the outfit I was going to wear to a Halloween party tonight. I wonder if I could put something together that would like like Olivia from Fringe? What else might be warm … Maggie from Northern Exposure!

Broken Window

Holiday Cleaning Begins!

It’s a little early, but the timing worked out so that this weekend is the weekend that is best. Soon, my apartment will be the cleanest apartment in the whole wide world ever in all time including the future.

I’m a little late getting started because I left the house late for swimming. I almost didn’t go, but I am so glad I did. The pool was warmer than usual, and toward the end there was only three of us in the entire pool. We each had a lane to ourselves and it was so lovely and warm and serene. If you can picture it, there I was, doing the back stroke at a nice lazy pace, la-la-la, I’m floating along, la-la-la, not a care in the world, nope, not me, la-la-la.

It’s space heater time in NYC. Finney has a bit of a David Bowie thing going on with his eyes (due to the flash). The heat went on for the first time yesterday so I’ll be bringing out the humidifier today as well.

Finney and the Space Heater