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All Halloween All the Time

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There's increasingly more to take pictures of. This house had a bunch of very glam skeletons.

Bocce Ball St. Luke’s Place, West Village, New York City

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The court has been restored, but I have yet to see anyone play there. I'm trying to remember where I used to see people play bocce ball all the time. Maybe it was lots of places, but I ...

Halloween is coming!

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The first Halloween decorations I spotted in my neighborhood. I also noticed how spectacularly beautiful this building is. In one of my books I wrote about feeling like the Little Match Girl sometimes, seeing how some people live. ...

My Cousin Dr. William G. Kaelin Jr Won the Nobel Prize!!

Monday, October 7th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments »

There is no way to announce this calmly!! I mean, OH MY GOD. The Nobel FREAKING Prize!! I've posted proudly about my cousin before, but NOW. I couldn't stop screaming when I first heard. I ...

My Interview on Talking Hart Island

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I was recently interviewed by Mike Keene and Norma Jean Gradskay, hosts of a new podcast dedicated the history of Hart Island called Talking Hart Island. Hart Island is the site of New York City’s potter’s field, and according to ...