Don’t Miss This New Podcast: Talking Hart Island

A new podcast dedicated the history of Hart Island is launching September 15! Hart Island is the site of New York City’s potter’s field, and according to the hosts, Mike Keene and Norma Jean Gradskay, it’s the largest mass graveyard in the country.

The podcast is called Talking Hart Island and you can see a list of upcoming guests here. His first guest is no less than Russell Shorto, author of magnificent history, The Island at the Center of the World. I was practically hyperventilating by the time I read through the entire roster. It’s just one impressive name after another (I’m in there, too, I am not worthy) and the topics include Hart Island-adjacent subjects, all utterly fascinating and I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s research.

Trust me, if you love history, read through the list. You’re going to just die.

Seance by Shannon Taggert

Photographer Shannon Taggert’s new book Seance is coming out this Fall from Fulgar Press, with a foreword by Dan Aykroyd and illustrated essays from Andreas Fischer and Tony Oursler! Seance is a book of images Taggert has been making for 18 years. According to Amazon the pub date is November 12. The images are just luscious, and the one below was a favorite of mine when we got a sneak peak a while back. I’m so glad it will be hitting the shelves!

Update: Shannon will be doing two events at Green-wood Cemetery. One on October 16 and one on October 17. If you’re going to be in New York, you should miss them!

Shannon Taggert

Choir Resumes Next Week

We have an absolutely glorious program scheduled for our December concert. But for me it involves relearning a chorus from the Bach B Minor Mass that I originally sang as a soprano 1 and will now sing as a soprano 2. It was hard to begin with! Now it’s fiendish. Oh my poor brain. But good for my poor brain.

Clear the Shelters

It was “Clear the Shelters” day (animal shelters) on Saturday. This is the line outside the ASPCA where I work. More cats were adopted than dogs. I love both equally, but just saying. Cats. Number one pet in America. It was a great day, seeing so many animals get homes.

Large Format View Camera

I can’t remember the last time I saw someone working with a view camera, let alone an 8 x 10 one! This was across the street from my apartment. Once again, I had a wave of nostalgia, about the days when I worked with a 4 x 5. I don’t want to go back, I love the ease of a small camera, but still. The level of attention required to work in this format was probably good for my brain and my artwork.