Bodhi is Wack

It’s hard to really see what’s going on here, but Bodhi has taken to sleeping in the weirdest position. He sits down, flops his head forward and down and sleeps in this sitting up/head flopped down in front of him position. That can’t be comfortable. Something I say to my cats a lot. (I have three.)

St. Luke’s Place

One of the prettiest blocks to walk down in my neighborhood. The movie Wait Until Dark filmed a number of scenes here. I’ve told the story many times, but I almost moved into an apartment on this block, but the building had a rodent problem. The apartment I ended up moving into was far prettier, and the block was almost as lovely. I had a working fireplace! God I miss having a fireplace. Sigh. (Been sighing a lot lately, I’ve noticed. I think it’s a getting-older thing.)

West Village, New York City