Pet Peeve About Spam Blocking

You know what’s annoying??  When someone emails me and I respond, and then I have to answer some spam blocking question and write out letters that are hard to see in order to answer their mail.

YOU emailed ME.  There should be some way of turning that off if you have initiated the contact.

Oh No You Di’n’t

What??  ACK!  Hello?

Okay, fine. You done now? Got where you want to go?  

I’ll just get back to work here, where I was TYPING.

I had someone’s screenplay set aside to read.

Set aside, apparently, where Buddy planned to nap.

No problem.

He just did a little adjusting.

Bat. Bat. Bat.


Yeah.  That’ll do.

Today is Brazilian Day in New York, and every year they close off 46th Street and parts of 6th Avenue and have an all day party.  My band always plays the entire afternoon, it’s quite the marathon.  By the end of the day your arms are dead and your fingers are bleeding (sometimes).

I’ve never missed it, but I have to say, I am feeling lazy.  I’d kinda like to watch.  But I know if I go and don’t drum I’ll be miserable.

Sigh.  What to do.  Plus, I want to go and get pictures.

That reminds me, I tried out the spinning bike at the gym and loved it. It will probably get tiresome like everything else, but for now, it was a nice change of pace and it was a helluva workout.  I was only on it for a minute and a half and I was dying. But I read up on it last night and you’re supposed to vary the workout, both in speed and resistance.  Next time.

While I Hole Up Inside My Apartment

“What kind of boat is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“I was totally against renovating along the river.”

Me too.”

“I’m for it now.”

“Me too”

“Wish I had my camera with me.”

“Here. Use mine.”

“There’s a vein that runs along the inside of the ear.  You’ll get good at drawing blood quickly.”

(Snippets of my conversation with Marisa as we sat on the river.)

New Day, New Stuff, New Haircut

Yes, I know it looks like the old haircut, but I swear it’s different.  I tried to turn to the side so you can see that it’s very short in the back, it’s cut all the way up to the top of my neck, and then comes down very nicely along my chin.

Afterwards I was regretful that I didn’t go all the way and get that choppy, more drastic but adorable bob that everyone has— think Katie Holmes.  I even saw it on Kate Capshaw the other night at the convention and she looked great. (Apparently it is the hairstyle of Kates.) But this morning I like the long hair/short hair feel of this one. The real test will be washing it and seeing what it looks like when it’s not professionally blown out.

In other news, the quality of the movies taken with my new camera is so much better.  I don’t know if you can tell without seeing a side-by-side comparison, but here is a short movie of Buddy, doing his Satan Fur Puppet thing.

OHMYGOD.  I’m going to make short movies of New York City.  What shall I call them?  My New York In Under a Minute Series.

For Sale Right Now on John McCain’s Website

You can see for yourself here.

UPDATE:  I heard they fixed it on the website!

I am so discouraged about the hostility toward those with an education, and we know which camp McCain is in, when he repeatedly calls Barack Obama “elitist.”

Sigh.  Not that we have to be first, as long as someone gets there, but still.  I must admit I loved how America was first first first with so many discoveries and innovations.

Not anymore.  This is the result of disdaining the educated and learned among us and dismissing them with names like “elitist.”