Manhattan Samba and Paring Down

Some people collect, some people purge. I like to pare down my possessions. It’s feels great, liberating, and it brings peace. In my most recent de-cluttering I looked at the drum I bought when I was regularly drumming with an all-percussion band called Manhattan Samba (who are still around and always great to hear). I haven’t touched it in more than ten years and I do not feel any longing to drum again. It was a fabulous chapter in my life, but it is over. So I thought I’d give it to Manhattan Samba to give to someone else who might be able to use it.

Oh god! This is me with Manhattan Samba in 2007, drumming … I don’t remember where. Sixteen years ago, which is not all that long a time. I was 51. I look so much older now, but still younger than my grandmother did when she was only 40. What was up with people then??

Manhattan Samba New York City