More Star-Gazing

This was actually after BEA, when I was back home in the West Village. I walked by Louie CK, and remembering him saying in an interview that he doesn’t like to be recognized on the street, I took no notice of him. But then he walked by me again, with one of his daughters I’m guessing, so this time I took a quick shot after he passed by.

Louie CK, West Village, New York City

Thank you, Cathy Markoff!

Thanks to Cathy Markoff I got to do some heavy duty star-gazing today at BookExpo America, aka BEA. First, I get there and okay, I’m human. I stood and tried to imagine what it must be like to be the kind of writer who would get a great big monster banner like one of these.

BookExpo America 2015

Now onto the adorable Felicia Day, who I’ve loved since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and most recently as Charlie on Supernatural (sob). I am seriously going to miss that character. But come on, it’s Supernatural. Can’t they bring you back??

Felicia Day, BookExpo America 2015

Next, Mindy Kaling. The Mindy Project is one of those shows I give myself as a reward at the end of a lousy day. I look forward to it, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am that Hulu picked it up. Thank freaking God. Everyone on the show is great, by the way. Everyone has a great character, great lines, it’s such a pleasure.

Mindy Kaling, BookExpo America 2015

And finally, the amazing Gloria Steinem. Thank you for the freedoms you helped gain for me. What an amazing life on you. I don’t know if Gloria Steinem cares or not, but she’s still stunning. I’m looking at myself in the mirror now and comparing (I know she’d hate that part).

Thank you again, Cathy! I had a fantastic time!

Gloria Steinem, BookExpo America 2015

Hey Little Guy

Many of the subway stops have been given over to artists to do what they want with the tiles. Some are very abstract and inventive, and some are just plain cute. The stop for the American Museum of Natural History has a little bit of everything, but this is one of the cute ones.

American Museum of Natural History

Burke Library and Ducklings

Ah, the unexpected perks for doing research! Yesterday I was at the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary to search through a book, and afterwards I sat in their courtyard to watch the baby ducklings. As you can see, momma had her eye on me. Okay, I admit it, I was dying to pick one up, but I wouldn’t! I swear.

The Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary

The Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary

Mother of God, Insomnia Sucks

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Masterpiece Theatre was on, some war movie set in WWI, and this dying guy tells the other soldier that to love and be loved is all that matters.

Right. Thanks a heap, Masterpiece Theatre. There are so so so so many movies and tv shows where the theme is “love is all that matters.” People like me are left looking at our cats asking, “Does this count?” At which point Bleecker jumped on my head, nearly putting out my eye, and Finney panicked, digging his claws into my chest trying to get away, but one of his claws got stuck in my tshirt so he’s Tasmanian Deviling-out on top of me while Bleeck is trying to bite his ear and I’m trying to disengage his claw.

Men are easier, right?

There was a tank parked behind the library the other day. People were invited to get on top and explore. It looked fun but I was tired from a day of librarying. Thinking is SO exhausting.

Tank, Bryant Park, New York City