I Hope You’re All Resting

Like Bleecker. Actually, Bleecker is seriously stressed these days. He’s decided that Bodhi and Bali are the enemies and he growls and runs from them, and—GROSSNESS ALERT—he sometimes has a bowel movement in fear! It’s terrible (and gross because sometimes it happens while I’m out so it stays wherever it is until I get home). I’m hoping that it’s actually related to the kittens and will resolve when they leave. Poor Bleecker.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m at home, puttering with the cats and kittens, and having my yearly debate: get a tree? Don’t get a tree? As usual I went with don’t get a tree. I was thinking I might get a tree and then not hang anything on it but lights. Except maybe the cats would try to eat the tree and one of the pine needles might get stuck in their throats and they’d choke to death.

Such went my holiday thinking of the day so far.

Way, way, way too many Christmas Movies!

Bear in mind that this is coming from someone who not only loves Christmas movies, I have always loved Hallmark Christmas movies. But I am not a fan of Hallmark’s decision to show Christmas movies non-stop since October. And now Lifetime.

Churning out so many has resulted in movies that are, and I’m sorry to say it, truly terrible, stupid, charmless, and devoid-of-true-any-true feeling. And while this has always been a problem with Christmas movies, now they all really are the same movie over and over again. Worse. Starting so early and showing so many so relentlessly also completely dilutes the specialness of their holiday-ness. I am already sick to death of them.

Here is a list of some good ones, however, and there are none that are very recent. Note: this is tv movies only.

A Season for Miracles
A Diva’s Christmas Carol
The Nine Lives of Christmas
The Spirit of Christmas
A Royal Winter
A Very Nutty Christmas
Dear Santa
The Flight Before Christmas
Crown for Christmas
The Christmas Train
Journey Back to Christmas
Love at the Christmas Table

A store on Bleecker Street getting ready for Christmas.

My Current Foster Kittens

I thought I was catching a break with the two kittens I picked up on November 1st. They were healthy, eating well, and had good bowel movements the first day. All I had to do was keep them fed and clean and to play with them. Alright! Cue up kitten heaven. Except they stopped eating so much and started vomiting, they had the worst diarrhea and were steadily losing weight day by day. Poor little monsters.

Pretty soon I was going back and forth to the ASPCA’s Kitten Nursery to pick up different meds and foods to try. Every morning and night I’m poking two to three syringes of something that I’m sure tastes awful into their mouths. It’s amazing they don’t hate me, but seconds later they’re crawling up my leg for attention. This morning their weight jumped up, and their box which is normally full of diarrhea was not! There were no bowel movements at all so I’m waiting to see if the good news is even better and they each have a normal or better bowel movement. But I’m feeling a lot less stressed.

As usual, I’m not allowed to post pictures of them, so here is a shot of their feet. They are two tuxedo babies, a boy and a girl, who were named Hawkins and Havisham (unfortunate name for the girl).