Where is my imagination??

It’s embarrassing how often I have to resort to a thesaurus when I’m writing, for instance. It’s not like I use the words I find there, although I actually often do, but I need it as a kickstarter for finding other ways to express myself.

Subtle, but enjoyable Halloween decorations on 11th Street. Rat skeletons crawling all over the front of an apartment building.

Halloween decorations West Village, New York City, 2016

Halloween in the West Village

Still nothing at my favorite spot on 11th Street. I fear it means those days are over. Thank you, whoever did it, for all the great decorations in the past. But there are still plenty of great decorations to see. This is pretty freaking amazing.

Halloween, West Village, New York City 2016

This was at 5th Avenue and 11th Street, on my way to choir.

Halloween, West Village, New York City 2016

This is a pumpkin version of the martian squeeze toy thing, I think!

Halloween, West Village, New York City 2016

All Finney all the Time

The results of the second biopsy came back and his tumor has been upgraded to Grade III, the worst. We have an appointment with the oncologist on Wednesday. I’m feeling very discouraged. I posted a rant about the place I’m taking him to, but I took it down. I’m going to wait until this is all over before posting about the service and care they provided.

But here is the picture I included with that post. I walked crosstown yesterday and noticed that no other neighborhood I passed through decorates for Halloween the way the West Village does. Yay us!! (Although I can’t take any credit, of course.)


Finney Update

Finney is still doing very well. The incision seems to be healing nicely, no redness or swelling, and he continues to eat well, and shows no signs of pain or discomfort, except when he goes to lay down. He’s clearly careful about which side he lays down on.

You can see how much they shaved him, and how naked he looks. He’s like a cat with his pants off. That’s a fentanyl patch on his hind leg. The other shaved spots are for iv’s.



I’m getting nervous, because the building that always has a mind-blowingly great Halloween tableau in their front yard does not have one this year (the corner of 11th Street and West 4th). I’m hoping that they’re just waiting until this last week to put it up. I’m really hoping the person responsible for them hasn’t died or moved away.

I loved this Halloween display in the window of a hair salon.