More Clothes that Taunt Me

Yellow.jpg This was in the window at Bergdorf’s. Gorgeous, no? That neckline would not work well for me, but still. It’s pretty to look at.

The pictures yesterday were of my friend Howard. He needs an author photograph for his next book and so I took a bunch in Washington Square Park. Thank you you for voting! (My favorite is 48.) Now that everyone has seen them, I’ll probably take them down later today.

I’m going to the ballet this afternoon! I got tickets for that free dress rehearsal I posted about earlier. Can’t wait. Never go to the ballet, so something new! Should be good. And pretty to look at.

Oh dear. I have to fill the rest of this space to get down to the bottom of the photograph. Random thoughts:

– I wonder who picks the songs for Friday Night Lights. I love every song they chose.

– Why does it seem like everywhere else in the country gets snow but us in New York City? Come on country. Share.

– I can’t wait until American Idol gets past the auditions and to the real competition, starting in Hollywood. Love the kindler, gentler Simon. He still tells the truth, but is not so cruel about it. What can I say? I’m a wuss.

– Have you all see Cloverfield yet? Because you should.

– I’m hoping I get to go to the FBI’s Quantico to do an interview.

Central Park Zoo

Panda.jpg I’ve been looking into various volunteer opportunities and yesterday I called the Central Park Zoo. They called me back right away because a training session starts on Saturday. So now I’m going to run up to the zoo before calling them back because it occurred to me that working there might upset me, depending. I forget what the Central Park Zoo is like! I don’t remember if it’s an upsetting zoo or not. The Bronx Zoo used to be but they’ve been fixing that over the course of my lifetime.

Meanwhile, in other news, my editor said they’re moving onto the line edits, which means they are happy with the draft I handed in! YAY!!

In other other news, did you know that when you call the Secret Service they actually answer the phone, “Secret Service.” I felt like saying, “Come on. You’re not even trying!”

(The picture is of a red panda at the Central Park Zoo.)

Update: My Shot of the Red Panda. The little furball was asleep while I was there, alas, and I didn’t want to wake him.


Not a Face You Want to See in the Interrogation Room

This is Wendell Stradford, one of the detectives I wrote about in my last book, coaching a high school basketball game. I’ll never forget the first time I met him. Looming and quiet. The commanding officer called him over to introduce us, and Wendell was polite, but didn’t say much. He was just big and looming, that’s what I remember.


In this shot, doesn’t it look like he saying, “What the hell was that??” I went to one of his games and had a lot of fun. But the coaches get very emotional. The guy on the right was on his feet screaming for a good deal of the game (very entertaining when you’re not a player and just watching). Wendell did more of a quiet smolder. Wendell is tough, but he’s also basically a sweetheart (thank god). I’m sure the other guy is, too. They love their basketball playing kids.


If I Wore Heels …

Pippa.jpg … I would wear these. Natalie Portman designed a line of shoes that are made without using any animal products. They are cute and cruelty free. [The link I had to her shoes is broken now.]

Except I don’t wear heels. This is more of a public service announcement, or public service plea, to all of you who do. Aren’t these adorable?

Here’s another public service announcement. For free tickets to one of two New York City Ballet dress rehearsals, click here at 9:00am. The tickets are for rehearsals of Double Feature on Wednesday, January 30 and Thursday, January 31 at the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center (63rd St. & Broadway). Oh, I just realized, they’re dress rehearsals! Even better. From their website: Double Feature is the first full-length ballet by Broadway phenomenon and five-time Tony Award-winner Susan Stroman. Created in 2004, the ballet is a hilarious homage to the silent movie era set to the grand music of Irving Berlin and Walter Donaldson.

Why oh Why Are They Running at the Same Time?

election.jpg It’s such a difficult choice. I like Hillary, I could just re-post an earlier explanation of why I identify with her, but I like Hillary. And I want a woman to be president already. I can’t believe how backward we are in this. England, India, Pakistan, etc., all had female leaders before us.

But on the other hand, as other people have brought up, so many people hate her. Electing Hillary may keep our country at war with each other. Obama, however, might be able to un-do everything Bush and the republicans have done to divide the country and bring us back together. It’s not fair. It’s like rewarding the senseless misogyny (whenever I ask people why they hate her exactly, their reasons are vague). Also, the kids like Obama. And, as other have also pointed out, electing him might also help with the whole rest of the world hating us thing.

It sucks though. Because all things being equal I would want Hillary, no question. (The photograph is an AP file photograph by Evan Vucci.) You know, fuck it, I’m still supporting Hillary. Let people be mad. It’s a process that must be gone through and the sooner the better. Get mad, have your temper tantrum and get over it.