I Can’t See Them But I know They’re Out There

And so he waits, faithfully. My cats are all about the birds now. The poor birds must feel like it’s a trap. No sooner do they land and start eating when a cat rushes at the window. The braver ones, like in the picture below with Buddy, stare. It’s like a bird/cat stand off.


BIRDS: Do we dare come closer?
BUDDY: Sure. What could go wrong?


Bird War

It kinda feels like the mourning doves vs the pigeons out there, and since the doves are smaller I can’t help but root for them. I’m not sure what to do. I thought I might out another cup of food or something, but then I realized, it’s not like the birds will politely divide up. This cup is for us, and that cup is you guys.

Meanwhile, the food from a truck business has expanded into waffles, except they spell it with one “f” and also offer something called “dinges.” I do not know what those are.


I Think I Need a Movie

A day full of movies. How long has it been since I’ve done that? I used to occasionally spend the day at the movies. I’d go to one after another all day long. I think it usually amounted to three movies, sometimes four.

My future is just one big question mark. I have no project lined up, no job, no income, and it will probably work itself out, I’ll get a book contract or something, but right now I just have NOTHING. It’s scary. And when I look around for jobs just so I’ll feel better, that there’s a Plan B out there for me somewhere just in case, I find absolutely NOTHING.

Here’s a picture looking up at the Municipal Archives Building (where I would love to work).


Can you see the metal gargoyle-y things?

In the picture below? I wish I had done a better job, because I just loved the artistry in this ironwork.

I broke down and turned on the ac today, and I’m going to keep it on tonight because I just want one night of sleep where I feel cool.