Grilled Cheese and Fries

It’s my favorite lunch and I’ve had it twice in a row practically. I just got back from lunch with a few detective friends. I love those guys. But now I don’t feel like going back to work. Hmmm. It’s another gorgeous day. Maybe I should go for a walk.

Here’s a shot of the Empire State building peeking through on my way to Balducci’s, where I buy practically all my meals.

My Day at Moma

I was trying to figure out how to get pictures to appear side by side and this happened. I love it, but I’m not sure how it happened so I could never repeat it. Damnit. It’s not easy going through life being not-smart. Now I’m going to see if I can figure out how to insert text below.

Nothing makes sense!

This post is on drugs.

I can’t insert where I want to.

There’s a story behind each shot.

Urg. Argh. That’s me trying to imitate the sound after Joss Whedon shows. Fuck it. I’ll just talk about the last one. I’ve never really been drawn to Giacometti, but he has taken on this allure since I read Provenance, a book about an art forger by Laney Salisbury and my late friend Aly Sujo. I’m going to be talking about this book when it gets closer to the pub date, which I believe is September … Hey. Something funny is going on with the internets. I tried to check the pub date, but Amazon appears to be down, people’s avatars are not appearing on my Twitterific.

Lovely Day

I envy the community of the barber shop.

I’d love to hang out in one of these chairs out front, or gossip with the other patrons inside.

Beauty shops are not the same. We don’t interact with each other there.

Well, no matter.

It’s a lovely day.

I’m heading uptown to the museum in a few minutes, MOMA.

Can’t remember what shows are there, but there will be something good.  

Maybe we can stop in a the Folk Art Musem afterwards.

It’s on the same block.

Maybe I’ll buy myself diamond earrings at Tiffany’s afterwards, it’s just a couple blocks away.

Okay, that’s not going to happen.

Park.  PARK.  The park!  That’s just a couple of blocks away too and it’s a lovely day.

We should go there afterwards.

This glee is because I’m playing hooky.  


I have an unexpected free day today, so tomorrow I can do what I was going to do today.

This glee is also because I realized that it’s getting closer to the time for the best reality show on television:

So You Think You Can Dance!


Life is good … except for the bad parts.

(I took this picture on … Horatio Street, I think, off 8th, just before you get to 14th Street.)

Walking Around Like I had Nothing to Do

Good things about the weekend:  Choir practice, brunch with Dimitra after, a stack of magazines I haven’t had time to read that I finally got to, same with a bunch of recorded tv, grilled cheese and french fries, a movie with Howard and Sandy, (Knowing: I liked it mostly, except the end) taking pictures of nothing in particular again, pizza, the extreme thunder storm last night, Buddy likes the new food, browsing tv with the remote, hitting next-next-next like I had all the time in the world.  God I love that feeling.

I took this because I liked the low-techness of this sign art.

I’m Trying to Take a Day Off

I would also love to buy myself something.  Do I dare?  (I have no idea when my next check is coming in …)  I passed these by the other day.  I have bad feet and so I’m limited by what I can wear.  I also walk a few miles most days so that further restricts my options.  

I try to make up for it by finding really cute, fashionable sneakers.  I wish these came in red.  I love the pink, but I know from experience that they won’t look good for long.  The black and white ones are too ordinary.  Well, I just decided to save my money for now anyway!