Bridge or Implant?

I need opinions. I’ve had a cap on one my top front teeth since I was nine years old, due to an “accident” with my brothers. Since then it’s been a lifetime of trouble and pain, not to mention thousands of dollars in upkeep. There’s been steady bone loss even though I’ve done everything I can, and now they’re saying I’ve got a couple of years left and I should just do an implant now, while I’ve got a better chance of it going well.

My choices are: implant, bridge, or do flap surgery and get a splint and put it off for a few more years. I have caps on the teeth on either side, so getting a bridge seems a lot less traumatic. Is having an implant all that much better?

It looks like this is going to cost me a minimum of $6,000. And that’s doing it all at the NYU Dental School.

Looking through the trees down West 4th Street. I put this in the “I’ll bet you didn’t think NYC was so green” category.


My Future

All our futures, really, but since I’m little and hopefully will grow to be old(er), this is what mine will look like. How does she get over these monster puddles??

I was reading a short biography about Mozart by Peter Gay. According to Gay, in the last year of Mozart’s life he wrote two operas, a piano concerto, minuets, counterdances, a clarinet concerto, a Masonic cantata, two quintets and most of the Requiem.

Way to make all the rest of us look bad, Mozart.


I Can’t Stop Watching Egypt

As usual, I’m totally uninformed and I have to play catch-up to understand what’s happening. This op-ed in the Independent was a good starter piece. Coupled with these pages from a leaflet the protestors are distributing. Okay, reading more … I support this uprising. I hope it doesn’t get more bloody. What’s going to happen today??

Update: Reuters is saying 74 dead.
Update: Dead being carried through the streets.
Update: Also from Reuters: “Looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during anti-government protests late Friday and destroyed two Pharaonic mummies, Egypt’s top archaeologist told state television … “Egyptian citizens tried to prevent them and were joined by the tourism police, but some (looters) managed to enter from above and they destroyed two of the mummies,” he said [Zahi Hawass, chairman of the Supreme Council of Antiquities].” Why??

Grace Church last Tuesday.


Note to Self: Buy Rain Boots

At every corner, there’s either a puddle, a pond or a sea. This is a puddle. If it’s a pond or a sea you have to make a split second decision—because there are tons of people behind you waiting—jump or find another way across.

Why haven’t I ever bothered to buy a pair of rain boots? What is wrong with me? Every time I see someone walk confidently through whatever sea faces them, without a care in the world, I think, “buy rain boots.” But I never do.


Walking Around in the Snow

Everyone’s taking snows pictures and I’m no different. This is looking up the cop block (the 6th precinct is on this street).


At first I thought this guy was going try to go for a run, but then I saw from his shoes he wasn’t. Probably.


We didn’t get a mail delivery during our recent blizzard, but they were out there today.


This freaked me out at first, but they looked well cared for so I’m sure the owner was running inside to pick up something quickly and would be right out. In fact, yeah, they were gone when I came back down the block.


Negotiating the snow with dogs and … pellets of fire? Okaaaayyyyy.


Dogs in boots, nothing cuter. (And I love that the owner is looking after their poor feet in the cold and salt.)


I just liked how the snow looked in the branches.


And especially in one of my beloved ginkgo trees.