I Still Miss Balduccis

I know I paid too much to shop there, but all in one place I could stock up on good cheese, great sandwiches, produce, bread, and splurges like olive paste. I passed it by yesterday and took a picture of the inside. It looks like what it was when I first moved to this neighborhood – a bank.

Oh come back Balduccis. Sob.


Loser’s Lounge

Who knew Clem Waldman was so charming?? Clem is a drummer so he’s normally tucked in the back (and he’s been gone from the Loser’s Lounge for a long time). Last night he came to the front and sang Top of the World. But before he did he chatted with the audience for a bit and between that and his whole persona while singing, well, it was a revelation. He’s very appealing. Who knew?


I went a little nuts taking pictures!

Most of them didn’t come out. I was trying to be “creative.” I even made a snow movie, but I’ll spare you. It’s not like you haven’t seen snow falling before. This first shot is what I saw when I opened the door to the roof.


This was turning right on Perry to head to the store for supplies. I’ve never seen a guy with a snow-blower in Manhattan before.


So I went a little nuts with the snow-blower shots. I had to make myself keep this post to two. But this second one looks like you can see all the way to the river.


Walking down Hudson Street. Everyone was smiling at each other and people turned to see what shots I was taking. Many stopped and said things like, “It’s so pretty, isn’t it?” I was trying to get the most creative with these trees, but this straightforward, not terribly interesting shot shows them best.


And this is coming home on Perry Street, my block. I’m going to the Loser’s Lounge with a bunch of friends tonight. I hope all the singers make it.


Whitney Biennial

I made a short movie of the 2010 Biennial. You don’t see any art in my movie because we weren’t allowed to shoot in the galleries. Here’s a couple of shots. The second was from a piece comparing to Michael Jackson to Baudelaire.

The movie follows these two shots.



The Birds are Getting BOLD

Had I just a little more patience I could have gotten an amazing shot. While I was filling the feeder they kept flying up to me and then inches from my face they’d stop short and hover in the air, wings flapping. They were probably like, “Woah. That seemed like a good idea at the time.”

I’ll try to get a shot of that tomorrow. These guys are on the building behind mine. See the guys one building beyond that coming in?


This guy to the right was about two feet away, sitting on the fire escape for my building.