Why Can’t So You Think You Can Dance be on Year Round?

The best lift I’ve ever seen on the show was Joshua’s last night, when Katee did that I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it and Joshua seemed to catch her mid-leap and froze her in that mid-leap-looking position — my God it took my breath away!

Other thoughts:

No way do I think the partnering was random. Everyone was partnered up with exactly who I think the judges wanted to see together. Exactly.

I do not think Twitch did a good job with the mambo. He didn’t pull off the mambo the way Joshua pulled off the samba earlier in the season and the paso doble last night. And look how great Mark was with the waltz. The judges were much too kind to Twitch — I can’t believe the pass Mary gave him on the mambo. And they didn’t praise Mark enough.

I think Chelsie and Twitch should be the ones going home, except I don’t know if they will. Twitch is very popular. And Mark’s solo was kinda dumb. I’m not sure who is the more popular of the two women, Chelsie or Courtney. It was insane how Chelsie kept up with Twitch in that hip hop, but I still think Courtney can do more than Chelsie, overall.

I want Joshua and Katee as the final two, and Katee to win. Here is the samba that they did. I probably already posted this, but I continue to watch it again and again.

[The video I linked to has been removed.]

Is this something I can knock over?

I loved how Melinda asked, “How long was it before the cats started batting the tiny dinosaurs and naked babies under the furniture?” Pretty much the second I put them down. To get the picture from yesterday’s post took constant picking up and putting Finney back on the floor. He cries when I won’t let him destroy stuff. So cute. “Who’s a little destructor? You are!” Here I’m saying, “Finn! Here! Good stuff to knock over here!”

Stay Away Burglars! Grrrrrrrr! (And waaaaahhh!)

Nicole suggested putting Godzilla in the window to face the burglars, so I did! Then I added some tiny dinosaurs to help him. And then I added a bunch of tiny naked babies as a second line of defense, in case Godzilla and the dinosaurs fails. Yeah. Tiny babies. That’ll scare ’em. HEY! My Godzilla doesn’t have as impressive pointy things on his back as the one in the previous post! Or bulging biceps. I’ve got the wimp Godzilla.

Battle Plans

Godzilla.jpg I’ve been busy editing the final page drafts of my book. I go back and forth between, “This is okay,” and “God, I can’t write. Why didn’t anyone tell me??”

Yesterday, I walked out the front door of my apartment to get something for dinner, and an old boyfriend was standing there on the street, talking on a cellphone. He glanced at me for a second, but was deep in conversation and didn’t even recognize me! I had sunglasses on, but still! I took advantage of this and kept walking, because I was so hungry I was shaking and didn’t want to stop to talk, but still! Not very flattering, I must say!

He and I were night and day though. He loves to travel, and does so constantly, and I mean constantly. He’s in a different city or country every few weeks, and he’s been living like this for decades. My idea of the perfect evening is curled up on the couch watching television. He likes big parties, I prefer hanging out with one person at a time, or small groups, etc., etc., etc. So, even though break-ups are rarely fun, ours was inevitable, so no hard feelings.

My friend Jonathan sent me this picture in an IM. I tried to find out who took it, but no go. Isn’t it great?? I have that same Godzilla. He sits on the floor in the hallway, protecting me from any monsters who might try to attack me while I’m curled up on the couch, watching television. You know, maybe I should get out of the house a little more …

Summer Movie Disappointment

Howard and I tried to see Dark Knight, but it was sold out, in the middle of the day! (This is a picture of people buying tickets at the machines while we sat and figured out our next move.) I’d rather see Mama Mia! anyway, to tell you the truth, but I haven’t made it to that either.

When does The Mummy and the X Files movie open? Soon I hope. I really should be working anyway. I’m putting together a presentation for my book so I’m collecting photographs from people. This really is a fun part. I’m asking the descendants of the people I’ve written about to send pictures if they can, and I’m just dying to see what some of them looked like.