Found Art, New York City

This is on a pole on Perry Street. It’s still there. I kinda want to take it.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Bleecker Street, New York Cit

Someone has been hanging paintings in empty storefronts. This is one of my favorites.

Painting in Window, Hudson Street, New York City

Do I always look drunk?

Yesterday I had a passport picture taken and in every shot I look drunk! (Note to self: get another passport picture taken.). Then I remembered a friend returned a picture he had from my wedding (I was divorced a few years later, it was amicable, my ex-husband and I still friends). I look drunk in this shot too, but even though I have a drink in my hand, I wasn’t. I didn’t really enjoy drinking when I was younger. I was having a great time though. Weddings are fun!

Getting your picture taken at 65 … I think we should be excused from having our passport picture taken. In that spot it should say, “Is the person in front of you old? Well then, don’t dwell. Move on.” Stupid young passport checkers. I wouldn’t know though, in reality I never go anywhere!

Stacy Horn Wedding

Mozart’s Requiem the the Oculus Tonight

I signed up to sing Mozart’s Requiem at the Oculus downtown at 7pm, but I’m feeling lazy. I will probably make myself go because I’ll feel depressed if I don’t and I will feel great if I do. It’s part of a yearly festival called Make Music.

They’ve been shutting Bleecker Street off to traffic the past few weekends and musicians have been performing while the street is clear.

Music on Bleecker Street, New York City

Music on Bleecker Street, New York City

TV Advertising

I’ll admit I was curious. I passed this by a week or so ago. Just what did they have set up inside? The set from Central Perk? The inside of their apartment? What is the Friend’s Experience??

This was outside the Magnolia Cafe, at Bleecker and 11th Street. The Magnolia Cafe was featured in Sex and the City. In exchange for scanning the whatchamacallit I got a free cupcake!

Fireworks and Dancing Along the Hudson River

We had fireworks the other day to celebrate New York’s vaccination rate (70%). I walked over to the pier to watch. The fireworks were nice, but the most uplifting sight was the people dancing. I stupidly did not bring my camera with me, and my phone is old so the quality of this video is not great. But stay to the end (it’s short) for the spin.