Depressed about a Dead Pigeon I Just Saw

Last week I posted a picture of this beautiful white pigeon I started seeing and this morning there was a flattened dead white pigeon in the street. Yeah, I know, there are millions of pigeons, but I never see white ones and well, I loved seeing it across the street and now it’s dead. Sad.

White Pigeon

Tired, Tired, Tired

And I must lift my hands to type this post! Oh world, you ask too much of me. Hurry up inventors so I only need to think this post. Actually, I just looked at the clock and realized I have to get ready to go swimming.

Three hours later: So I swam. A kabillion laps, and guess what? Now I am REALLY tired. I see that the inventors have still not come up with a way for me to think my posts and have them appear. And you had all morning.

I love this painted furniture. That reminds me, my apartment desperately needs painting. Ugh. I’m going to go nap. FOR TEN YEARS.

Painted Furniture

The 9/11 Kids

This article is not for the faint of heart. It’s the former kindergarteners of P.S. 150 talking about what they remember from 9/11.

It was interesting reading about the one continually drawing the towers. When I was volunteering at St. Paul’s Chapel we’d get drawing of the towers by the thousand, many pretty gruesome. I wanted to keep them all but I felt it would be wrong to take them, that they belonged to everyone, although I did keep a few.

I took this last week. This man was blowing bubbles and this little girl stopped for a closer look. I like the guy in the blue tshirt reaching out to catch one.

Blowing soap bubbles on 14th Street

Buh-Bye Irene

Some pictures out there, post-hurricane. This is my favorite—the best use of a traffic-free street.

Playing Catch in the Street

These downed trees are on Bleecker Street, in the park next to the playground. I hope they can recover that tree in the back left.

Downed Trees on Bleecker Street

This is on Hudson, just around the corner from the shot above.

Downed Branches on Hudson

That was the only damage I saw. This is along the Hudson, heading downtown. That’s One World Trade going up in the distance. I loved it out there. Especially along the river because it was genuinely windy, and strong with that sea smell that brings back only the best memories of childhood. Maybe it was all the ions or electrons or whatever it is that’s moving all about, but something in the atmosphere made you feel so alive. It was crowded out there so clearly I wasn’t the only who thought so.

Along the Hudson, Toward 1 World Trade Center

Irene Hurricane Update

Well, North Carolina got it a lot worse than we did. I was looking forward to a good storm, but once I realized how vulnerable I am in this old, rickety apartment, I’m glad I didn’t see the Wicked Witch zooming by on her bicycle.

The news is saying the worst isn’t over, the eye hit Manhattan just a few minutes ago, but it’s not even raining hard. I don’t know what to believe. I was walking on the roof looking for a good shot (there wasn’t one) and the wind was nothing. The lightning last night was the scariest part, because there was still the potential of it developing into something. Tornado watch!

It looks like there was some flooding and power outage on Long Island, waiting for the Suffolk Horns to check in.

I am so glad that just before I went to sleep I thought to put plastic out on my desk. That turned out to be a good idea.

Rain on the Desk