2021 GANYC Apple Awards

My friend Laurie Gwen Shapiro won a Guide Association of New York City Award for Outstanding Achievement in Essay/Article/Series Writing for her New Yorker article, The Improbable Journey of Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, AND a podcast I was a guest on, Gotham Center’s Lost NYC won the Outstanding Achievement in NYC Radio Program or Podcast (Audio/Spoken Word) award. Congratulations to them and to all the GANYC winners!

Trudging out to a meeting and hoping I don’t fall. (I didn’t. Not that day anyway.)

Listening to the Impeachment Trial

I hadn’t planned on listening, I get too upset, but I broke down yesterday later in the afternoon, and I’m listening now. Is anyone else listening? I came close to an anxiety attack yesterday. I honestly didn’t know that the riot was as bad as it was. The police officers screaming as they were bring crushed, attacked, the one who was tased, the one who was murdered. I felt terrible for the rioters too. Ashli Babbitt. I hadn’t seen the video of her being shot. I wondered about the two men who helped her up so she could crawl through the window, an action which led to her death. Of course that was not their intention, but how can they not feel terrible? I also didn’t know how many people had really come there to actually kill people, or, at the very least, tie them up and what? (If anyone doubts me, watch the trial, the evidence for this, and there was a lot of it, was presented.). I also didn’t know it had gone on as long as it did before help for the Capital Police arrived. I’m sure many thought they were going to stand outside the Capital and chant, but if they joined others and swarmed inside they must also be held accountable.

As readers of my blog know, there’s a building on 11th Street which regularly puts up signs on the front of their building. I pass it by on my way to work. This was the sign they had up in late January.

Oh my poor, poor couch!

Two of the evilest cats in the universe lounging on the couch they helped to destroy. This couch cost a fortune, and it’s going to cost a fortune to reupholster. Did you know that reupholstering costs thousands?? I didn’t when I first started looking into it. I could buy a new couch for less. Except, I had this specially made so it’s big enough to sleep on, and it comes apart into two pieces so it can fit through my very narrow doorway.

I guess I could buy a sectional someday, that comes in pieces that would probably fit through the door.