I’m Waiting for the Sun to go Down

It’s just too hot out there and I’m so happy here, parked in front of the air conditioner. Plus, helicopters have been hovering hovering hovering for hours which means some bad guy is being moved from one place to another, OR, is on the loose, in either case, best to hide out.

I’ve been going through my 2005 posts on Echo in order to describe what my life was like when my choir sang a certain piece, and I can’t wait until I’m done. 2005 was a brutal year for me. The Restless Sleep had come out and was getting great reviews, but my heart was also being so regularly and severely broken I didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy it. Also, Bush was sworn in for the second time, confirming my belief that my fellow countrymen are INSANE, Hurricane Katrina, it was just a awful year.

But all through it I was singing the most beautiful music. I go back through my posts and it’s heartening to see how I still managed to find happiness even while life was beating the crap out of me. So yay me! (Okay, except my poor judgement about that guy. I learned I am not always the best judge of character.)

Looking up at the sky through my beloved Day of the Triffids (gingko) trees.

Cockroaches Can Jump Now. We’re Doomed.

They’ve been discovered in South Africa, it’s just a matter of time before they make their way over here. I quit.

After taking both Saturday and Sunday off, I feel like I really should work today, but come on. It’s a holiday, right?

These people were lined up to get on a party boat that never leaves the dock. It must be one really great party because they were waiting a long time, in the heat.

Live Blogging my Cats

7:30am. After knocking over two pictures, a water bottle, the remote, and tearing pages out of three books, they manage to get me up to feed them.
8:00am. Nap.
8:35am. Butt check. (Caught on camera.)
8:38am. Finney eats an unidentified object from the floor. Could be a piece a food, could be a bug, could be a piece of litter from the litterbox, they do not discriminate. Looks up to see if I noticed.
8:45am. Napping resumed.
9:39am. Question posed to me by my cats via telepathy: Just who do you think you’re fooling by covering our meds with food? Because you know what? Claws at the ready.

10:55am. Nap Status Report. Finny is napping with full belly exposure.

While Buddy concentrates on the work-preventage position.

1:15pm. The cats retire to the bedroom while I vacuum. “Oh, we don’t want our laying around all day to disturb your very important job of picking up our hair.”

Time to put out the furminator. Mwah-ha-ha.

8:09pm. Went to the movies. Came back and someone had horked up a furball. But for once, they did not hork it up on the white comforter, their usual hork location of choice. By the way, did not love the new Jane Eyre.

I should have tried live blogging the cats on a day I stayed home! After the movies a friend called and we went for a long walk along the Hudson River which was ridiculously pleasant.

The Jeff Conway Story is Freaking Me Out

I just read that the actor Jeff Conway from the show Taxi, (and the movie Grease) is in a coma as a result of a suicide attempt, and his family is taking him off life support. I’m flashing back to many years ago, and a period of insomnia that I went through and the only thing on TV late at night was Taxi. Honestly, I didn’t even love the show, but I remember watching it night after night, bleary-eyed and miserable.

They’ve got a voice mail message of his online. Apparently, he left for a friend not long before this happened. The article way over-states how incoherent he is. What stands out for me is a person who still thinks he has a life. Things are changing in a good way, things are happening, he’s working on something for the future. And then, like that, he doesn’t.

Dance while you still can.

So You Think You Can Dance

I had grilled cheese yesterday. Pausing to savor the memory.

So You Think You Can Dance starts up tonight! I have to do my yearly plea to get everyone to watch this show. It is one of the best things on television and certainly the best reality show, but I almost don’t want to call it that because some people have a reaction to the word reality. Besides, if I was going to come up with a word to describe it, I’d choose art.

The routines are works of art. I’m still not thrilled with some of the things that happen while they’re eliminating people, but once they get to Las Vegas this show get breath-taking. You will care. You will care about dancing, you will care about the contestants, the whole thing is such a pleasure. Give it a try.

I’m not sure if I posted this picture already. This was looking down 11th Street a couple of weeks ago. It looks so serene, doesn’t it?