Virus and the City: Social Distancing

I passed by this gourmet grocery store. One person in this picture was calling (311, presumably) to complain that the people on this line were not all properly social distancing. As I walked by I heard, “Some people are 2 feet apart …”

Virus and the City: Reading

The first issue of my friend’s new literary journal, 34 Orchard, is ready!

“With cover art by Brandon Kawashima, this issue features artists from as far away as Greece, Nigeria and the UK–as well as right here in the US and delivers visceral work that unpacks the things we don’t want to admit are in our basements.

“The downloadable PDF is designed so that it can be printed on double-sided paper for easy reading like a print magazine.

“The issue is free, but there is a donation link should you choose to contribute.”


This is a picture of the smallpox hospital on Blackwell’s Island, courtesy of email from Judith Berdy, the President for the Roosevelt Island Historical Society. I’m so used to seeing it as only ruins.

Virus and the City: Walking

I walked over five miles yesterday, and still my weight went up! Could be worse. I GUESS. Seen on my walk, The Fearless Girl sculpture by Kristen Visbal, opposite the Stock Exchange, properly masked.