The Best Halloween Decorations Got Even Better!!

The Tardis now has a Dalek lurking beneath it AND that scary girl on the swing??? Check out my short movie below. She’s the third stop in. Beyond belief. I was blown away before, now I am speechless. You’ll see.

The picture after the movie is of the women who made the Dalek. She’s at the bottom right. I’m trying to find out her name and will post it when I have it. But her husband, Daniel Neiden, made the Tardis. He’s a composer, writer, producer, actor. She is a set designer. Thank you to Di Margolin for alerting to me to the Dalek!

A Dalek Invades Perry Street

A Scary Halloween Story

My friend Howard Mittelmark has a new story in The Awl today, titled A Scary Halloween Story. Enjoy! (I love The Awl, so I think it’s cool to get a story published there. I’m jealous of my friend Howard now. Must let loose some spiders in his apartment or something.)

Here is a not-so-scary, actually kinda cute Halloween spider.

Hands down the best Halloween decorations ever!

After the crashed Tardis, of course. But I was just bemoaning the fact people in my neighborhood didn’t seem to be making as much of an effort with Halloween decorations this year when I came across this. Update: That little girl on the swing got even better. Another scary little girl below …

Halloween, Greenwich Village, NYC

I mean, come on. Have you ever seen better Halloween decorations?? These were both within a block of each other. Thank you whoever is responsible for them. You are awesome.

Halloween, Greenwich Village, NYC

Tedx Montclair – Eat, Play, Live

I’m going to be speaking at a Tedx event at Montclair State University on November 9th. From their website:

“What we do, what we eat, where we live and even how we think, significantly impacts our physical and emotional wellbeing. TEDxMontclair will take place on November 9, 2013 at Montclair State University at 9:00am. The independently organized day-long event, licensed by TED, will feature talks focusing on the theme EAT, PLAY, LIVE. This event is designed to inspire action that will create a healthier community.”

I’ll be addressing the “play” theme. Because I know how to play, baby. That’s me playing in the photograph. Except that was taken before I started all my dental work so I immediately examined it to compare how I look now to then (my upper lip looks different now, but only I would notice).

If you’d like to attend the cost for the whole day is a measly $50. It’s a steal! I’m sure all the speakers are great, but Jon Katz stood out for me because he writes about dogs. DOGS. Who doesn’t love dogs?? You can register here.

The Tardis Crashes into Perry Street Again!

Yay!! Thank you whoever does this. It is such a pleasure to see every year. A few more shots around the City below, but it’s impossible to compare to the Tardis. The Tardis always wins.

Tardis Perry Street

A skeleton. What the hell is that coming out of its mouth??

Halloween, Greenwich Village

A front yard in Brooklyn. They threw in every scary thing they could find. There was also a mummy at the top of the steps. Maybe I should show the mummy. That was kinda cool. Yeah. See below.

Halloween, Brooklyn

The mummy. Wait, is that a live thing next to its feet?

Halloween, Brooklyn