I have to write a chapter a month, so I must finish the chapter I’m currently working on … NOW. Except I can’t, technically. I have one interview to go and that isn’t taking place until tomorrow. But I can still finish everything else except that one part.

It’s bugging me that I cut off the top of that tree on the left. Now it’s bugging you, isn’t it?


I Decorated

I was going to have a Christmas shelf. I was going to have a vase of white flowers (representing snow) and then some sort of nice holiday arrangement around the flowers, some sort of creative thing that would demonstrate that the expensive BFA I got was not a total waste, but nothing I tried looked good.

So I slapped up some garland, lights, and bulbs and called it a day. This is what I do every year, nothing new. But it is cheery. So for everyone who said it would be cheery, you were right.

Plus, now I have a vase of lovely white flowers on my desk so there’s that.


Selling Christmas

I loved walking around last night taking pictures. I think I might start a list of: Things I Wish I Could Get Paid For. And at the top would be walking around taking pictures.

Wait. I get paid to write. I am officially in the category of Can’t Complain (or someone will smack me, and I’d deserve it).

I got a late start due to computer problems, and I won’t be getting to a number of things I’d planned to get to, and I have to be at the Apple Genius Bar at 1 and I’ve got so much I have to do and and and … starting to freak out. Deep breath.


Trader Joe’s a No Go

The Barnes & Noble where I had a reading for The Restless Sleep is now a Trader Joe’s. I stopped in to look around and when I pulled out my camera someone immediately stopped me.

“You can’t take pictures.”
“Why not?”
“It’s policy.”

I forget what she said exactly, but she didn’t know. I said okay and put my camera away.

I tried to look around and give the store a fair shake, but being welcomed in that way kinda killed it for me. It just made me feel bad.

Then I saw the horribly huge line to check out, it was insane, it went all the way down the aisle. I figured I wouldn’t want to shop in a place with lines like that and left.

It’s the holidays out there!

I don’t know who she is supposed to be, but I will call her the Christmas Queen. She was inside one of the Marc Jacobs stores posing with the customers, and she very kindly posed for me when she saw I was trying to get a shot! Thank you, Christmas Queen!