Holiday Cleaning 2020 Day Two

Yesterday I started my yearly Holiday Cleaning (it’s like spring cleaning only it’s in the winter). It’s actually less work than usual this year because of the pandemic, of course. Since March I’ve had a lot more time on my hands to complete projects and there’s not a lot left to do to spruce up the place.

But one of the things I did was clean the prisms I have hanging in the window, then I lowered them to catch the light better. This was a good move. It’s fairyland over here now!

Let’s Finish the Job in Georgia

“Georgia, home to John Lewis, is now the ultimate battlefield …” I’ve been wondering what I can do to help Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their senate races. I just watched Robert Reich’s latest video and he made suggestions (the quote came from him). I am not supporting these candidates simply because they are democrats. If you go to their websites to donate to their campaigns, read about who they are and what they intend to do. They are decent people who are going to help the people of Georgia. Then compare what you learn to the republicans candidates, who parroted Trump’s claims that COVID was nothing to worry about, and then turned around and began making millions of dollars worth of stock trades, beginning the same day Congress received a briefing about the virus! Perdue even invested in DuPont, a company which manufactures PPE.

People in Georgia have until December 7th to register, and 17 year olds who will turn 18 by January 5th can register and vote. Do you know anyone in Georgia? Contact them. Especially if they have high school age children.

He also suggested donating to Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and to these organizations:

Fair Fight Action
The New Georgia Project
Black Voters Matter Fund

You can have your donation split evenly between the two candidates and Fair Fight Action by going here, and then you can also donate to The New Georgia Project and Black Voters Matter separately.

Please pass this information on!

I walked by this building yesterday and wondered how it was possible I’d never noticed it before. It needs some work, but it’s so charming, isn’t it? Those windows! I think this picture fits in this post because the building is blue.

Heading Back to Work

This month I went back to work for the first time since March! It’s only going to be a day here and a day there. It felt so … not normal. Honestly, I felt like I’d walked onto a movie set and not real life, and we were all just actors.

This is the 42nd Street subway stop, which is normally packed. That was unexpected, because a lot of places have opened up. It shouldn’t have been quite this empty. It must have been the time. I started my shift after regular rush hour. Oh! I just figured it out. Trains had just been through and these are the people who’d just missed them.

Proof that Bleecker is Cute

I was paring down my photo library recently and one thing I discovered is that I have a few good shots of my cat Bleecker. For whatever reason I’ve always had trouble getting decent shots of him.

Here he is, before the unholy terrors, Bodhi and Bali, (just Bodhi really) were brought into the house, when he still got to occupy this choice spot on my desk. It’s okay though. Right now he is on my lap, purring. I just remembered! I used to have a nickname for my cats Buddy and Finney. I called them Satan’s Fur Puppets (they are now deceased). God those were innocent cat-owning times. They were choir boys next to Bodhi, the king of Satan’s army of Fur Puppets. (Bali is a little love who just pretends to go along sometimes.). But here is my pretty, and perpetually vexed, Bleecker.


Well, thank God. Biden has his work cut out for him, so I can’t relax exactly, but still. I can hope again. For some reason though, today I am back to feeling anxious. It must have to do with the emotions one experiences after getting out of an abusive relationship that lots of people are writing about and explaining.

I don’t know what to do about how divided our county is and the 70 million people who thought Trump was just fine. Some people will grudgingly admit that maybe he wasn’t such a great human being, but their 401k’s are doing just fine, so … fuck all the people who are being hurt and dying (and I’m not just referring to people dying because of COVID)? Fuck all the rollbacks hurting our environment and animals? His support of dictators? Our standing with the rest of the world and our allies? His denial of science and all the repercussions from that?

I don’t know how to find a middle ground, especially when people have been convinced that the lies they’ve been told are true and actual facts are not. I take heart that Biden has had experience with working with people on both sides of the aisle.

But today I am anxious. Because we’re still in a pandemic and I can’t go back to normal yet. Oh! That brought up a happy thought. Look at Biden’s advisory board:

“Biden’s transition team on Monday announced members of his coronavirus advisory board, which will be led by former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, former US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. David Kessler and Yale University’s Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith. Other members are Dr. Luciana Borio, Rick Bright, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Dr. Atul Gawande, Dr. Celine Gounder, Dr. Julie Morita, Michael Osterholm, Loyce Pace, Dr. Robert Rodriguez and Dr. Eric Goosby.”

Will Dr. Fauci play a role?? Googling. He will ask Fauci to remain! Good.

I was going through my library of photographs recently and I pulled out a couple I wanted to do something with. This was one of them. I just like it. It’s a view from my roof.