An Early Valentine’s Day Decoration Before the Storm

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I looked down towards the basement apartment of a building that always has lovely decorations for many holidays and sure enough, there was an early Valentine’s Day surprise. Thank you!

Me and this dog, love at first sight.

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But his eyes say, ‘I’m so sorry, but I belong to another. We can never be.’ Sob.

Who doesn’t love a dog in the library?

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I felt like he was everyone’s service dog. He made me feel better just by being there. What a sweetie. One of the books I needed to see was lost, too, and I have to wait for a loan from one of the NYPL’s partner libraries (not the end of the world).

Amahl and the Night Visitors

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Every year my friends and I go to see Grace Church’s yearly presentation of Amahl and the Night Visitors. Oh no, I can’t find my program! The girl who sang the Amahl part this year was so good, too. I wanted to name her. I have the names of the others to thank however: Tami Petty, Aram Tchobanian, AJ Stetson, Alvin Crawford, Bob Lukomski, the Grace Church Adult Choir, and Dr. Patrick Allen. You all did such a great job, as usual, we had so much fun. Just remembered, I also loved the soprano soloist from the Grace Church Adult Choir.

That’s the girl who played Amahl in the back! You were great young lady! UPDATE: Found my program! Her name is Sarah Weber.

A Lonely Ride on the Q Train

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Apparently, it’s just me and Santa, going to work. Everyone else took the day off! OR, you’re all at a party we were invited to. That’s it isn’t it?? Bastards.