View from My Window

I don’t know why I took this picture, other than I liked the clouds perhaps? But I’m sitting at my desk, looking out my window right now, feeling so peaceful, for no good reason really. (The view is actually completely different when I am sitting down.) I’m happy about my book that is coming out in January, and I have my health, and healthy cats, but other than that, the world is a fucking nightmare, isn’t it? I’m so sorry, rest of the world, for our contribution to that.

Tomorrow, fireworks. Once every billion years or so they’re on the Hudson River, where I live, so I will be watching from my roof, trying to get a good shot! We shall see.

You Don’t Have to be That Insanely Wealthy …

… to invest in art. I went to MOMA the other day, the first time in years! I didn’t love it after the big renovation, and haven’t been back since. I didn’t walk out feeling energized, after having immersed myself in art I loved. But this time I was. I saw tons of paintings that I loved. None of my pictures of them came out well, alas. The one in this post is a Joseph Stella.

My favorite current exhibit there was the photographs by Latoya Ruby Frazier. But so many of the shows there, and I can’t remember now if the Frazier show had this problem as well, but there was too much text accompanying the photographs. In one case there was enough text to fill a small book (not the Frazier show). There is no way I’m going to read that much in either a museum or gallery setting. The photographs are still stunning, you don’t need the text. But I would love to have the text available to download in cases where I want more backstory. (For all I know the text is downloadable.)

Yesterday a friend and I went in and out of a bunch of galleries in Chelsea. In each case I noted the price of every painting I loved. They generally went from around $5,000 to $18,000, which is more than I could ever afford, or even bring myself to spend even if I had it, but not a lot for many of the people who live in NYC. Or even in my own building! Art investing, and really great works of art, are within reach of a lot of people. I wonder if a lot of people are buying.

If they question whether or not art is a worthy investment they should watch a few of the online auctions on YouTube, run by places like Sothebys or Christies. And watch the ones which include young artists. These auctions are fun to watch regardless. They’re exciting, I’ve gotten to know the buyers, the auctioneers, and I learn who the up and coming big shots are in the art world. (Big shots, such an old person term, isn’t it?). Millions of dollars being thrown around like it’s nothing! Great tv.

Joseph Stella

Happy Birthday to Me!

My present to myself. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to carry everything up to my 5th floor walk-up apartment. (Scroll down for the picture of me and the boxes I carried. My weight training paid off.) I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to assemble all the things that needed assembling. But here it is! I haven’t had a piano for close to thirty years. I have to get my old lady fingers back in shape. For the curious, the piano is electric, it’s a Roland FP-10. It does a pretty good job of mimicking how a piano feels to play and how it sounds.

Roland FP-10 electric piano

As you can see, the boxes are practically as big as I am! Look at those babies. Not only were they heavy, they were so big they were difficult to maneuver. Oh God. I’m remembering the agony of climbing the stairs with the heaviest box. It was quite the challenge. It was actually a good feeling to be able to manage it. But still. I need a strong boyfriend. Applications welcome.

Boxes of Piano Parts
Roland FP-10

When My Cats are Nice to Each Other

I have three cats, and they have mixed feelings about each other. When I see something like this, I have to take a picture. They’re all resting peacefully in close proximity to each other.

Cats on a Couch

When I see something like this I’m really happy, but oh look, more holes in my couch. That’s all them. You’re not seeing the worst of it, which I have covered in various ways, or have sewn up. Badly. You can see one of my patches in the previous picture, and how they’ve made new holes around it. Are dogs this bad?


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