Snow Heaven

Walking to work through snow heaven. My friends hate when I talk like this but I wish it would snow MORE. I want more blizzards. I took this on the way to work after last week’s snow fall. Here is the perfect soundtrack for this post.

Snow Canopy New York City

Joy for Every Age, Arcangeli Chamber Chorus and Orchestra

I’m listening to this CD right now. It contains carols you almost never hear (and some I’ve never heard) and two new carols composed by the conductor, Stephen Mager. The arrangements and singing sound like they from another time, I can’t explain it, but it’s just lovely. I don’t remember where I got this. I think someone sent it to me after my book about singing came out. I will be forever grateful, it is among my favorite Christmas music. (Today will be my last day of listening to holiday music, until next year. I try not to over-do listening too much so it remains special.)

You can buy the CD here (by contacting the producer and composer Stephen Mager).

Here is a choir singing Stille Nacht,/Silent Night, arranged by Mager It’s not from the cd, but it does have the sound I’m describing.

The Choral Society of Grace Church Christmas Concert

You can see me in the lower right, at 43:57, looking angry and with my face in the music. The singers behind me, a tenor and a soprano, were so great the evening was a non-stop pleasure for me. (Always very important who is behind you, that’s who you hear best. On that note, I apologize to the people in front of me.)

New York City Christmas Scenes

Seen when passing through a Christmas Tree stand (the Romp Family!). When you gotta go, you gotta go. The Romp family and friends are very musical. Friends of mine have a holiday party every year on Christmas Eve and the Romp Family and crew always come after they close up shop for the season to play guitar and sing with us. I can’t remember if there was a party last year (or if I decided not to chance it).

Christmas Tree Stand, New York City

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