Happy Holidays!

I’m listening to the last Christmas Carols I will listen to this season, and today is the last day I will have Christmas lights. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I hardly take pictures anymore. It’s so not like me. My picture for today is from Halloween, but it looks kinda Christmas-y, doesn’t it? Happy holidays, everyone. The world is a mess, but, well, if you’re reading this you’re not dead yet. There’s that. Thinking of reasons to remain positive … the first thing that came to mind was Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I listened to his speech to congress, and I just can’t get over how impressive he is. Ukraine is lucky to have him right now.

Oh. Just thought of a personal reason to remain positive. Scroll down …

I have a new book coming out! The announcement from Publisher’s Lunch:

Why Blue?

I took these on Thursday, November 3rd. Why was the Empire State Building this particular shade of blue? I should have asked sooner. It’s probably too far away for anyone to remember now. Another building was lit up with the same shade.

Blue Empire State Building

 in New York City

Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

I think I’ve posted this before (old person alert) but I was permanently influenced by the song about feeding birds in the movie Mary Poppins. This woman in a saint. With a sweet dog, too.

Feeding Pigeons in New York City

Big Dog

I work at an animal hospital and a few of us were trying to get a picture of a dog to capture how big he is. It was almost impossible to do him justice. He was such a sweetie. And he’s a puppy! Davin, the man in this picture, is 6’2”.

Big Dog at the ASPCA

Here is Davin getting a selfie.

Big Dog at the ASPCA

And this is me. I am 5’3″.

Big Dog at the ASPCA

Sparking Joy for $2.99 at Rite Aid

I was just thinking how Halloween still feels special because we don’t celebrate it endlessly the way we do Christmas, with decorations up and movies playing on tv for months before and after the actual holiday.

Then I saw this tea candle holder in Rite Aid and for some reason I didn’t buy it on the spot. I bought it yesterday, and it was a great buy for $2.99. It makes me happy. Now if only someone would bring back the Wowee Whistle, I’d be ecstatic.

Halloween Decoration

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