We’re Singing Again

The Choral Society of Grace Church has resumed rehearsals! Masks are optional, but I’d say most people are wearing them. I’ve been struggling with my glasses fogging up. I bought a spray called Fog Away, and that definitely helped. I also noticed that the fogging just stops at a certain point. Not sure how to explain that. Something equalizes in the small environment behind my glasses?

It’s heaven singing with other people again. I don’t think I sound very good, but I’m hoping I’ll sound better as time goes on. For now I’m just trying to make sure no one hears me. Ha.

I posted details for our Christmas concert in December under events. Because it’s an indoor event people have to bring proof of vaccination.

Choral Society of Grace Church

John Lewis, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor in Union Square

Saw these beautiful busts of John Lewis, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor in Union Square yesterday. Sadly I’ve read that people have thrown paint on the one of George Floyd. They hate him for … being murdered? I adored John Lewis, and we need him so badly now.

These statues were so beautiful close-up. They shimmered.

George Floyd, John Lews, Breonna Taylor Statues

John Lewis Statue, Union Square, New York City

John Lewis Statue, Union Square, New York City

Cat Harmony

I don’t see this a lot. We’ve managed to achieve a mostly stable detente, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them all calmly sitting in the window like this. Probably mutually planning the death of some poor bird. They’ll work together for that.

Cats in the Window

Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge

I was walking home on 9/11, and I passed by the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. There are always a lot of people walking across the bridge, but it seemed to me like there were way more than usual. I later learned that there is now a new bike lane so pedestrians have the walkway to themselves. Maybe it had just opened recently when I walked by.

It’s been a while since I’ve walked across. Maybe it’s time to take a stroll and see what it’s like now.

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