No Housing No Peace

I’ve been researching financial crimes involving housing so this picture really spoke to me. As a life long renter who lucked into a rent stabilized apartment almost forty years ago I’ve been oblivious to housing issues and how completely destructive it is to your life to not to have decent affordable housing. There’s a reason housing was number four on the Black Panther’s 10 Point Plan:

4. We want decent housing, fit for the shelter of human beings.

“The home is the center of life,” wrote Matthew Desmond, the author of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. “It is a refuge from the grind of work, the pressure of school, and the menace of the streets .. without stable shelter, everything else falls apart.” Put simply, “without a home, nothing else is possible.”

“Keith Thompson, a homeless activist, and his supporters demonstrate for affordable housing on Avenue B, August 1989. Copyright Q. Sakamaki.”

No Housing No Peace

Fireworks, New York City, 2021

I swore I was not going to watch the fireworks, in solidarity with pets and all living creatures who are not human. But the pull was too great. And now, here I am, posting pictures!

Fireworks, New York City, 2021

Fireworks, New York City, 2021

Mozart’s Requiem

A shot of the orchestra before our performance of Mozart’s Requiem. For a group of singers who never sang together before, and without a rehearsal, we did okay. The conductor took the more challenging bits slowly, and that helped. It certainly helped me. I am hella rusty.

Found Art, New York City

This is on a pole on Perry Street. It’s still there. I kinda want to take it.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Bleecker Street, New York Cit

Someone has been hanging paintings in empty storefronts. This is one of my favorites.

Painting in Window, Hudson Street, New York City

Do I always look drunk?

Yesterday I had a passport picture taken and in every shot I look drunk! (Note to self: get another passport picture taken.). Then I remembered a friend returned a picture he had from my wedding (I was divorced a few years later, it was amicable, my ex-husband and I still friends). I look drunk in this shot too, but even though I have a drink in my hand, I wasn’t. I didn’t really enjoy drinking when I was younger. I was having a great time though. Weddings are fun!

Getting your picture taken at 65 … I think we should be excused from having our passport picture taken. In that spot it should say, “Is the person in front of you old? Well then, don’t dwell. Move on.” Stupid young passport checkers. I wouldn’t know though, in reality I never go anywhere!

Stacy Horn Wedding