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My brother and I saw this when I drove up to see my father for the last time. He died early on Halloween morning, sadly. I don’t really feel like posting at length about it now. Maybe someday. He would have turned 90 on Christmas Eve, so he had a good long life. Not that even longer would have been better.

Belated Halloween 2018 Video

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Sorry I’m so late with this video. These are scenes from this year’s Halloween celebration in the West Village of Manhattan, where I live. A display that many people objected to last year returned. She’s the last one in the video and I put a warning before she appears. One father looked at it, laughed, and summed up the children’s dilemma. “Blood, candy, blood, candy?” Which would prevail, the children’s desire for candy or their fear of blood?

Happy Halloween!

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I hope to be back with a video of a spectacular Halloween display I saw last night. A skeleton dog howling. You have to see it. It’s indescribable, it must be seen.

In the meantime, a shot I took yesterday. That’s a zombie girl in her Communion outfit, no?

The Bank Street Ghost

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Years ago I posted a ghost story on my blog for my book Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory. A ghost was said to haunt a building on Bank Street in the West Village, a few blocks from where I live. The picture you see here is of a tin of ashes that I scanned from one of Hans Holzer’s books (a once famous ghost hunter). The ashes fell from the ceiling in the Bank Street Building and belonged to Elizabeth Bullock, who everyone believed was the ghost who haunted the building.

Because I live when I do, and have things like the internet, I was able to find out more about Elizabeth Bullock and everyone else connected with this story than they were able to when the story broke in the 1960’s. I could probably find out more now, come to think of it. I love this kind of thing. I could research stories like this all day long, every day.

It’s ultimately a sad story, as ghost stories so frequently are. If you start looking you’ll find that beneath the scariness is almost always love and loss. You can read what I discovered here.

Blissful Bali

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Because he got to curl up with Bleecker.