My Article about Swimming for Senior Planet

I wrote about swimming for Senior Planet. It has some research about the science of swimming and aging, and bottomline, you really should consider swimming.

Of course, since I’ve taken the job where the cute little fluff ball kittens are kicking my ass I’ve been swimming exactly twice. But that’s because I’ve needed my evenings and days off to edit and fact-check my Blackwell’s Island book. Once that’s done I can swim again, but twice a week, instead of three to five times a week as I did before. (I need some time to do nothing!)

A picture from the party New York City Parks and Recreation throws at the end of the summer for the people who participate in the lap swim contest.

NYC Parks & Recreation Lap Swim Program

Bebe Neuwirth Visited the ASPCA Kitten Nursery!

Big day at the Nursery! We were told Bebe Neuwirth was coming for a tour. They picked a section and a person to take her to, to show bottle feeding, and it wasn’t my section, alas. I was disappointed. I’m a big fan and I especially love her as Nadine Tolliver (the chief of staff) in Madame Secretary. You win some, you lose some, I thought.

But they had to walk by my section on the way to the other one, and I was bottle feeding a very, very cute kitten at the time, so they stopped and watched for a few minutes and took pictures!! It was great. Bebe Neuwirth is well known for her support for animal rescue, and finding homes for shelter animals.

I hope I get to see the pictures they took while she was here!

Bleeck, looking for a spot on my lap beside Finn.

Maybe the iphone Camera Doesn’t Completely Suck

I took a quick, test shot with my iphone yesterday (I have the 5C.) It isn’t awful. A picture of Finney didn’t come out as well. The iphone doesn’t perform as satisfactorily with movement, it seems. But I’ll try a bunch of shots today when I go out. If I get out. I still have a lot of facts to check. A massive amount really.

It would be so great if there was an Academy Awards for books, with categories like “Best Research,” and “Most Research.” I’d be in the running for Most! I have to check a fact, and often more than one, in practically every sentence. Sob. The research was so much fun to do at the time. I haven’t had to change much, but every once in a while I come across a cool bit of information and I can’t find my note on the source. That just kills me. I can’t use it if I can’t back if up. I must have made thousands of notes, so it’s not surprising if some are missing (or misplaced, or accidentally deleted) but, damnit!

Everything Breaks!

First my tv broke, then I broke my computer, and yesterday I dropped and broke my beloved camera! Canon no longer services it and doesn’t make parts for it. All of these things were very old, but still. My iphone doesn’t take pictures half as great as my Canon did. It’s a sad day, except it’s my day off and I have a cat on me.

Speaking of. One of the last pictures I took with my G9. A cat pile. Something that happens a little more often now that I am home a lot less these days, due to my wonderful ASPCA job.

Post Singing Blues

Choir is over for the season. So sad. But there are always summer sings. A couple of shots from our concert. The first is of the crowd outside after the concert. The second is from our warmup in the gym. I take a picture of this every year, I think.

Choral Society of Grace Church

Choral Society of Grace Church