New Fix Take Two

Gene was right.  The first board I put up kept bowing further and further inward. I found another piece of wood to use.  (Look at all these birds, will you??)


Dogs Who Walked Past Me Today

In Union Square. There’s one non-dog shot, of this guy who walked by on these scary stilts.

There was a homeless guy sitting across from me and he shows up in a few of the pictures. It felt weird to be spending my time in such a carefree way not a dozen feet from someone living such a miserable life. There’s something wrong with us. Or me. That I can sit so calmly in the face of such suffering. I guess for me there’s just so many people suffering I feel paralyzed and overwhelmed.

I was talking with someone about joining the Peace Corps. Except I won’t leave the cats so I have to think of something else.

Coffee Table Cat

After pushing everything off that was in his way, Buddy settled in. We watched a lot of make over shows last night. We love make over shows, whether it’s people or houses, we watch them all. However we must say we preferred Finola Hughes on How Do I Look, and the old format. No offense to the new team, but we’re not going to be watching that anymore. But we LOVE LOVE LOVE that Stacy and Clinton got a new hair stylist for their show What Not to Wear. We never liked their previous one. (Sorry.) Also, is Tim Gunn’s make over show coming back? And last, we’re happy that Flip This House is back with new episodes.


New Reality Show

Yesterday, there were cameras on every corner on West 4th and Perry shooting these two girls having lunch. (More below.)


It was all for a new reality TV show called The City, I was told. I googled it and found this:

“It’s official. MTV has confirmed that the network will air unscripted spinoff series of The Hills featuring reality personality Whitney Port’s move from L.A to the Big Apple, as the fashion maven embarks on a new gig with legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg.”

So this is Whitney Port I guess.


Ruby, check it out!

It worked!  Plus, it’s already being used as a nice bird-walk.  They flew away when I got up to take a picture, but I bet anything they’re all lined up there tomorrow and I’ll get a picture then.