Carrie Fisher and Good God, I Got Old!

I am 59. The exact same age as Carrie Fisher. I bring this up because I was at a party the other night where they played a PBS piece I appeared in. It was shown on a hi-def TV that is a lot better than mine and I saw for the first time that I looked awful! My face was shiny, and I have huge pores. I had no idea. I went to Sephora the very next day.

I ended up buying Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. It says pore minimizing right there on the box. The salesperson assured me it would address both problems, so, we shall see.

Which brings me to my Carrie Fisher story.

I took a film class at the New School many, many years ago. We’d watch a film and afterwards the professor would bring out someone from the film and interview them. One week it was Carrie Fisher. She said something I never forgot. It wasn’t just that the point she made was what I needed to hear at the time, it was the fact that she was joking about it. She was talking about therapy, and she was saying it was great and all, and she was learning about all her problems, but, “Awareness does not necessarily lead to change. Now I get to watch in horror as I make the same mistakes again and again and again.”

I happened to also be in therapy, experiencing the same thing. I was learning about how fucked up I was, but I was only getting the teeniest bit less fucked-up. What else is there to do but laugh about it?

Now Carrie Fisher is getting all this crap about aging, and she’s joking about how her younger self was busy partying to make sure she would look like shit now. I don’t happen to think she looks like shit, but the point is, why do we fucking have to care so much? I’d rather be the kind of person laughing about it rather than the person obsessing about it. Says the person who ran to Sephora for the pore minimizer.

Anyway, Carrie Fisher is in the category of national treasure. Of course, there is a very dark downside to all that partying which Carrie Fisher is more than aware of, buy you gotta laugh about that too. (I also partied too much and paid for it. Oh God, yeah, I’m still paying for it.)

Is this not one of the most serene, relaxing views ever? That’s Northport, Long Island, from my brother’s front lawn. He has a nice little table set up, over-looking the water and with this lovely view in the distance. Wouldn’t you love to sit here in the mornings with a nice cup of coffee?

Northport, Long Island, New York

New Year’s Eve Idea

I was trying to come up with a new way to spend New Year’s and I think I have it, although it is a week long celebration. And maybe celebration is the wrong word.

Here’s how I got the idea. Yesterday I made a phone call I’ve been dreading, because I need access to information from someone who doesn’t want to give it to me. They probably still won’t, but I felt I had to try one more time. After I made the call I just had that wonderful feeling of a weight being lifted from your shoulders. I did it, I’m done, it’s over. It felt so great.

So this is going to be my new way of celebrating New Year’s: make a list of all the things I’ve been putting off doing for whatever reason, fear, dread, it’s something difficult, boring, etc., and do them. What shall I call it? My “I Don’t Want to Do It” list? Then I’ll spend the week before New Year’s checking them off. (I’m in the process of doing this now.)

I think it’s the perfect idea, a thousand times better than making resolutions. Even if you only check off a few items, you’re starting the New Year with a feeling of accomplishment.

I took this walking home, maybe a day or two before Christmas. This is the White Horse Tavern, a famous bar a block away from where I live. I drank too much here on many an occasion back in my drinking days.


Tornadoes and Flooding

Here I’ve been complaining about how warm it is and others are dealing with true weather horror. Alabama has declared a state of emergency. Jesus. I hope you’re still okay Cara! And everyone else. I heard the bad weather is expected to continue in the next few days in various parts of the country. Horrible.

A scene from my not-horrible, relatively safe life. The Empire State Building on Christmas Eve. I went out for a nice, relaxed walk around town, because it felt so calm and happy out there.

Empire State Building, Christmas 2015

Happy holidays!

A picture from Jenny and Christy Spiecher’s yearly party on Christmas Eve. These two sisters have the best friends. Whoever I turn to speak to is interesting, funny, friendly. It’s pretty much the perfect party. And music is always provided by the Romp family, who stop by when they’re done selling trees for the season.

Jenny and Christy Spiecher’s house

Merry Christmas Eve

I’ve saved up some Christmas shows to watch, and I plan to stop working a little early today and watch them. They include:

It’s Your 50th Christmas Charlie Brown
The Big Bang Theory Christmas Episode
The Veronica Mars Christmas Episode
The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Christmas Episode
A Grey’s Anatomy Christmas Episode
Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

And more. If you can believe it.

I should title this: Global Warming Sucks. I planned to have a lovely day yesterday walking around taking pictures, but it rained. It’s also raining today. And it’s going to be in the freaking 70’s. Well, it will be a good day in any case. Christmas tv! Although attention Hallmark Channel and others: you overdo it. And that is coming from a person who loves holiday tv. Ease up.