The Road Not Taken

Came across while walking downtown along the Hudson River. Could be a fun job, no? But maybe it’s mostly hard work. Probably. But I saw the drawing of the helmet and thought, walking along the river bottom sounds nice.

Walker Diving

Search for Spring at Lincoln Center

Speaking of all the music in the city, I went to this on Saturday. I had intended to be one of the singers, but work on the book has taken over! I was treating myself to a day off by going.

“English composer Jonathan Dove and librettist Alasdair Middleton collaborate on this beautiful piece specially commissioned by Lincoln Center—a sweeping choral work exploring the emotional toll of climate change and our hope for a better future ahead. Search for Spring is sung by hundreds of community voices, coming together to create a unique, spectacular performance. Simon Halsey conducts and leads a team of six exceptional New York City conductors. This performance continues Lincoln Center’s history of highly acclaimed choral commissions and outdoor world premieres including John Luther Adams’s In the Name of the Earth (2018) and David Lang’s the public domain (2016).”

That’s the Metropolitan Opera in the background, if you couldn’t tell by the sign.

Search for Spring at Lincoln Center

The Young People’s Chorus of New York joined in at the end from one of the balconies.

Search for Spring at Lincoln Center

Spotted at Search for Spring, the assistant conducter for my choir, The Choral Society of Grace Church, Hannah Nacheman.

Search for Spring at Lincoln Center

Spring Cleaning Spruce Up

New curtains and a new rug for the bedroom. You can’t tell from this shot, but those are very, very clean windows. Nothing spruces up a room more than clean windows, and pairing that with new curtains—dare I say it—sparks joy.

As does a new rug. There was almost another cat in that shot, but he immediately got up and ran to me. That was Bali, the sweetest of the bunch. Whenever I leave he frantically runs to the door, trying to get me to stay. Poor little thing. We have a ritual where I always reassure him that I’ll be back and how nice that will be.

That’s Bodhi on the bed. He’s not sweet per se, but when he decides he wants to sit on my lap while I’m working, or sit with me on the couch when I watch tv, he will fight any cat to the death who tries to steal his spot. Both cats understand that Bodhi owns me, and rarely challenge him.

Music All The Time

I’m lucky to live in New York City, where I can hear music anytime I want. Yesterday I went to the Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble’s latest concert. (I have a friend who sings with them.) I was introduced to another great group, The Unsung Collective, who were there as guest artists. They were just amazing, as were the Cerddorion Vocal Ensemble. It was a great afternoon. This is a picture of The Unsung Collective, who were posing for pictures as I was leaving so I took a shot myself! The Artistic Director is Tyrone Clinton, Jr.

The Unsung Collective